Weird Wednesdays: James Royal “House of Jack”

This James Royal record is one of my favorite funk/soul songs but I can’t say I have any real idea why I love this record so much. I guess it’s just because the horns are dope as fuck, drums are mixed well, and I strangely really love the feel of the vocals. Used to play this song in opening sets all the time and I’m psyched I ripped it to start rocking it again. I also posted Tony Newman’s “Soul Thing” which is fundamentally an instrumental version of “House of Jack” with an organ playing the vocal melody. Love both of these songs. Hope you guys enjoy em too.

James Royal “House of Jack” (320 Mediafire)
Tony Newman “Soul Thing” (200 Mediafire)



  1. Radovan says:

    Thank you for the song. It’s been in my head for 40 years now! Fantastic rhythm and vocal!

  2. Landon says:

    Dope! Also- its been sampled by Dangermouse on ‘old school’

  3. Doug Tofte says:

    Jim was a personal friend of mine we both used to sing at the top rank in Reading he was very underated and a great guy .I saw him last at the Red Lion in Brentford a benefit night for another old friend who had died quite young by the name of Rod Freeman .I believe Jim then emigrated to Australia. I hope he did well for himself and is having a good life

  4. mike o brien says:

    doug did u used to live in southallop .and play in band with mick,his dad had fish shop in hanwell..i have the j royal album is it worth anything?

  5. Doug Tofte says:

    Yes Mike
    I lived in Hanwell and sang in the band Kingsize with Mike long on bass and the great Mike Borer on lead guitar who where both previosly in the royal set with Jimmy Royal we used to play in Southall at the Halfway house Weston road. Mike long I think now lives in Spain and Mike Borer who I still see lives in Northhampton.

  6. David Dart says:

    Hi Doug and Mike, James Royal (Nairn) is my brother in law. Yes he is living here in Australia and still sings with a couple of local bands. His voice is still as good as ever and the band members are in awe of his talent and vocal range. He still has a very good sense of humor and self deprecation. I see that magic records have released an album of his songs in France in Feb 2010. Interesting – I wonder where the royalties are going as Jim has not been asked permission. Let me know if you want me to contact him for you…he has a lot of mates still in the UK that he keeps in contact.

  7. Doug Tofte says:

    Hi David
    Since I last posted my notice about Jim I have made contact with Frankie Reid another old friend who also lives in Australia. Myself and John kerrison Are going out to see them both and do a couple of gigs with them next April 2011. Sadly though Mike Borer (Micky King)passed away in November and will be sadly missed. I do now have Jims contact details but thank you anyway we will probably see you also next year have a great Christmas

  8. David Dart says:

    Thanks Doug, I no doubt will see you when you are in Australia, Have a great Christmas.

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