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Scotty Matelic

What’s good, party peoples? My name is Scott Matelic, a recent Brooklyn transplant from Indianapolis, Indiana. I’m a DJ/Producer/record collector who has decided to join the ranks of the CFB blogging crew. I figured I would hit you all off with a track of some sort, and so here it is–a quick and shortened revamp of M.O.P.’s classic “Ante Up.” Obviously, nothing tops the original version, but I like the idea of hip hop acappellas over UBB style breaks–and these are two of my favorites (Gaz “Sing Sing” and Banbarra “Shack Up”). Plus, the tempo adjustment allows you to slip it into sets that were formerly “non-M.O.P bpm friendly”.

Have at it.


Ante Up (Scott Matelic’s Disco Break Mix) by Scott Matelic

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  1. eric B says:

    L love some MOP for sure,The East coast just got one of the great ones! Good luck Scott!

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