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Bed Rock (Emynd Pillow Bass Remix)

Bed Rock (Emynd Pillow Bass Remix) by Emynd

I’ve always loved Atlanta Bass stuff, even the super cheesy So So Def “Pillow Bass” steez, and I thought this song would sound good with that vibe. Kept it clean for radio play, too. Hope you enjoy!

Young Money “Bed Rock (Emynd Pillow Bass Remix)” CLEAN/RADIO (320 Mediafire)


Gucci Mane “Frowny Face” Emynd Remix featuring Playboy Tre

Available now up on the Mad Decent blog is Diplo Presents *Free Gucci* – Best of The Cold War Mixtapes. My remix of “Frowny Face” featuring one of my favorite rappers out right now, Playboy Tre is on the release and I’ve uploaded the Clean, Dirty, and Instrumental for y’all to download below. Thanks to DJA for the quick mastering job and shouts to Diplo and Mad Decent for letting me be involved with this project. Also, can’t forget to thank Playboy Tre for murdering it on short notice. GUCCI! BRRR!

Gucci Mane “Frowny Face” (Emynd Remix ft Playboy Tre) Dirty (320, Mediafire)

Gucci Mane “Frowny Face” (Emynd Remix ft Playboy Tre) Clean (320, Mediafire)

Gucci Mane “Frowny Face” (Emynd Remix ft Playboy Tre) Instrumental (320, Mediafire)

Cover art, tracklisting, and link for the entire mixtape (featuring remixes by everyone from Diplo to Flying Lotus to Brodinski to Bird Peterson) after the jump

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8 Ball & MJG “Ridin High (Intro)”

The OG of this song had a horribly unmixable intro that really robbed the song of all its energy whenever I tried to drop it in the club. Hooked up a mixable intro for the DJs. Such a dope song. Too bad I can’t edit out Diddy’s yelling.

8 Ball & MJG “Ridin High (Emyndd Intro Edit)


Mike 2600 Blends

New Crossfaded Bacon Records signing Mike 2600 killing it with a couple of really dope tracks over on the Yeeeah Buddy blog. While Mike and I make wildly different stuff, I’m really into his un-trendy style. I like to think that a lot of the stuff I personally make is likable and useful without bending towards whatever trendy aesthetic is currently in season on the blogs, and Mike’s stuff has that exact same feel. I guess the word I’m looking for is “timeless.” This stuff doesn’t sound like it was made in 2009, 1999, or 1989. It just sounds right, and I’m a big fan of music that isn’t concerned with its timeliness (shout out to folks like Eli Escobar and the Nacho Lovers who I feel are a couple other prime examples of this same artistic ethos). Anyway, enjoy the tracks and check back here for more info on Mike 2600’s forthcoming release (with remixes by Emynd and Scott Matelic)!

Gucci Crew II – Sally (Mike 2600 Blend)
Ultimate Spinach – Your Head Is Realing (Mike 2600 Remix)


Emynd & Jess Jubilee “Shake Whut Ya Got!” Re-Up

The below was originally posted July 23, 2008, but I thought I’d give it a re-bump because people don’t check sidebars like they need to. This is a mix the fabolous Jess Jubilee and I did last summer. After playing in Montpellier in the South of France this weekend and hearing my man Raziek play a bunch of jams that made their way onto this mix, I was reminded of just how awesome this mix is. If you slept on it the first time, don’t sleep on it a second time!

This is as good a time as any to point out that big homie Jess Jubilee (who I did this mix with) finally got her website up and running. Go there now for music, press, tour dates and maybe (hopefully?) one day a picture gallery of CFB’s favorite jewish raver jawn.

Originally posted July 23, 2008

(Click for NSFW Cover and Back Cover)

Emynd & 4 AM Jess

01. DJ Laz “Bass Groove”
02. DJ Nasty “My Cadillac (Got Bass)”
03. JT Money & The Poison Clan “Dance All Night”
04. JT Money & The Poison Clan “Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya”
05. MC Shy D “Shake It”
06. Anquette “Shake It (Do The 61st)”
07. Danny D & DJ Wiz “Shake It All Night”
08. Half Pint “One Leg Up”
09. Big Ace “Lick It Down”
10. Splack Pack “Scrub Da Ground”
11. Splack Pack “Tip For The Strip”
12. 12 Guage “Donkey Butt”
13. Uncle Luke “It’s Your Birthday”
14. Unlce Luke “Raise The Roof”
15. Uncle Al ft Luke and Trick Daddy “Scarred”
16. Uncle Al ft Luke “Get Rowdy”
17. Gucci Crew “Sally That Girl”
18. Gucci Crew & Two Forty Shorty “Shake It”
19. Bad Behavior “To My House”
20. Dimples T “Jealous Fellas”
21. JDC “Jealous Girls”
22. The Dogs “Where Is Disco Rick At?”
23. Disco Rick “Nasty Dance”
24. The Dogs “Your Momma’s On Crack Rock”
25. The Puppies “Funky Y2C”
26. The Puppies “Slam It”
27. Disco Rick “Wiggle Wiggle”
28. 2 Live Crew “Back At Your Ass”
29. DJ Laz “Hey You!”
30. DJ Laz “Esa Moreno”
31. DJ Laz “Get Your Ass Off The Stage”
32. DJ Laz “Red Alert”
33. DJ Laz “Red Alert 98”
34. DJ Laz “Basstronic”
35. DJ Laz “Journey Into Bass”
36. DJ Laz “STick Out Your Butt”
37. DJ Laz “Mami El Negro”
38. A-Town Players “Wassup, Wassup!”
39. Playa Poncho, LA Snow, and A-Town Players “Whatz Up, Whatz Up!”
40. Get Money Girls “Show Me The Money”
41. Quad City DJ “Work Baby Work”
42. 69 Boyz “Woof Woof”
43. 95 South “Wet N Wild (DJ Laz Booty Bounce)”
44. City Boyz “City Boy Bounce”
45. Playa Poncho “Koochie Kutterz”
46. The Bassorcist “Woofer Terror Upper”


Emynd Consolidated Tracks/Remixes/Mixes Etc

In case you missed anything I did from 2008… I updated all the zshare links for all these tracks and mixes as well. Hope you find some of this stuff enjoyable and/or useful.

Emynd Originals & Official Remixes For Free Download

* Emynd ft Young Chris “We Don’t Give A…”

* Emynd “Reach Out”

* Emynd “Knee Deep Theme”

* South Rakkas Crew “Mad Again” (Emynd’s NOLA Bounce Remix)

* South Rakkas Crew “Mad Again” (Emynd’s More On the Floor Remix)

* Flo-Rida “Get Low” (Emynd’s Passion Remix)

* Emynd “Sexual Healing (Second Line Bounce Remix)”

* Fugazi “Long Division” (Emynd’s Disco Edit)

Blends, Breaks, and Beats For Free Download

* Rihanna “Disturbia” (Emynd’s “Finally” Blend)

* T-Pain ft Lil Wayne “I Can’t Believe It” (”Bookshelf” Blend)

* Emynd “Dancing In the Street/Treat Em Right Blend”

* Ding Dong’s “Badman Forward” / Reel 2 Reel’s “Move It” (Emynd Blend)

* Shawty Red “Drifter” vs Elephant Man “Die By Gun” (Emynd Blend)

* Aaliyah “Are You That Somebody” (Emynd’s Lollipop Blend)

* UMD/Sharon S “Wonderful” (Emynd’s “Drop” Party Break)

* Kenny Dixon Jr “I Should’ve Known (Emynd’s Rihanna & Nightcrawlers Party Break)

* The Roots vs Busy Signal (Emynd Blend)

* Elephant Man vs Madonna “4 Minutes” (Emynd Blend)

Emynd Mixes and Mixtapes For Free Download

* Emynd “1st & 15th (Pretty Much) Mix Series: Volume 4: Best of Bmore Club Rap

* Emynd “1st & 15th (Pretty Much) Mix Series: Volume 2: A Bunch of Rap

* Emynd “Bounce It” (New Orleans Bounce Mix)

* Emynd & Bo Bliz “Philly Love” (Philly Rap Mix)

* Emynd “Crossfaded Bacon 2008 Mix” (Bounce, Hip-Hop, House, & Club)

* Emynd & 4AM Jess “Shake Whut Ya Got” (Miami & Atlanta Bass Mix)



It’s going down in Park Slope tonight, peoples! Peep the “Esa Morena” remix below! BASS, BOOTY, BOUNCE, HYPHY, CRUNK, and whatever bass heavy dirty hood music we can muster.


DJ Laz ft T-Pain “Esa Morena” (2008 Version):