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Playboy Tre “Look At This $hit”

Man this makes me hella mad. Couldn’t have happened to a less deserving person. At least homie is making funny videos about this shit but damn. Keep your head up, Tre! And everyone be sure to support Tre with that dough when his shit finally drops!

The Just Blaze Collection

Sean Fennesy just posted about 200 Just Blaze productions for download. It’s a fairly comprehensive collection though I’m sure he’s missing a couple joints here and there. Regardless, it’s an excellent look for your ipods.

The Just Blaze Collection


Playboy Tre ft Homebwoi

Crossfaded Bacon friend, collaborator, and favorite Playboy Tre just had a new song posted on DJ Burn One’s amazing blog Blvd St (which you needs to be checking every day if you ain’t already!), It’s another really solid country rap song with Playboy Tre’s homeboy Homebwoi. Can’t wait for this Tre’s new mixtape to drop already! If you don’t have his previous tapes Liquor Store Mascot (Download link) or Goodbye America (Download link), you’re really missing out. And don’t forget to check the Gucci Mane remix I did with him if you missed it somehow! In the meantime, check the clip above and hit up Blvd St to download the song.


XIB “Baltimore Bounce”

Big ups to Noz for putting me up on this ish. While Go-Go samples have turned up in many a Baltimore club track, and DC rappers haven’t been shy about rapping on Baltimore Club tracks this is certainly the most deliberate, cohesive, and successful fusion of Go-Go and Club music that have graced my tender ears. This track has two backbones–the tumbling Go-Go drums as well as a sample of Booman and Griff’s classic “Pick ‘Em Up“–while the vocals consist of re-contextualized Rap chants made into Go-Go refrains (most of which seem to be Waka Flocka lyrics and or adlibs). I have no idea how big this song is or will be in the DMV. It seems that the folks that like Go-Go and the folks that like Club music are often diametrically opposed to each other, but hopefully both groups will find this song as dope as I do. I haven’t checked the entirety of the XIB “Laugh Now Cry Later” album yet (which can be downloaded HERE), but they’ve posted it for free and am planning on checking it shortly. In the mean time, enjoy this song!

XIB “Baltimore Bounce” (Sendspace, 160 kps)



Red Bull Public Assembly from Dan King on Vimeo.

Breadth of Autotune

So while Twitter is going nuts about a completely mediocre rap song with a cool beat (“D.O.A.”), big homie Brandon from posted a really good piece about interesting uses of Autotune on the Village Voice blog. Go check it out. In the mean time, I’ve been killing Twitter with a shitload of horrible jokes about Autotune making diss songs back at Jay-Z. Follow my ass if you ain’t following me yet.


Amanda Blank Interview

Really charming interview with our friend Amanda Blank who’s album is finally(!!!) coming out in July. We’re real excited for her and can’t wait to hear it!

Read the Interview.


Ron Artest’s Greatest Interviews

I’m re-posting this from some random blog. Funny Artest interviews collected on YouTube throughout the years.


Jay-Z “Go Hard” Remix & next level parties

OK. This is not new, but I thought I would link it, just because Jay kills it, and otherwise this song annoys the hell out of me. I don’t sweat Jay verses on down south shit just cause he’s Jay or something like that (most of the time them down south boys handle their own biz), but this one is exceptional. Also, DAMN! Khaled needs a new song formula. You know how all that reggaeton shit got ridiculously epic with 60 second un-mixable intros, I feel like Khaled is getting equally as over-indulgent. I’m not hating, but it’s time for the bol to switch the style up.

Jay-Z “Go Hard” Remix

Now then… Last saturday, the same night Emil and I threw our 1998 party (which was off the fucking hook), some brothers from Philly threw a party down in AC that people was truly epic. Now, our party was hot, but their party had its own website with a 10 minute long movie preview style film clip about them planning the party. Some of the scenes included them chilling on the couch with house arrest anklets, answering phones while swimming in pools with their shirts on, driving maybachs to AC, and ends with them PERSONALLY inviting YOU to come to their party. Watching this was an inspiration to throw and promote parties.

I should also note that people I know that went to the party said it was off the hook and I saw pictures of it that corroborated that.

So hot. Oh yeah, them dudes can dress too, pause.

Siddiq and Bigg Zahh’s 2009 B-Day Celebration.

E&B/Crossfaded Bacon Need an Intern

Seriously, Emynd and Bo Bliz and the Crossfaded Bacon Massive need an Intern (or 4?). You will be responsible for really exhilarating work and you will make great contacts and learn the ins and outs of the Industry. Send an email to if you’re interested. This is an unpaid position, but you can get some college credit out of it and you won’t have to work for you dad’s best friend’s meat-packing plant.

If you’re a DJ, we may even let you open for us at some gigs and cover for us when we’re out of town or whatever. Anyway, let’s get it popping.


Bunch O’ Stuff for Jan/Feb

First things first, my man Wayne has been killing it lately over on his always wonderful blog Wayne And Wax with several really well-written and thoughtful posts about Post-“A Milli” Beats and Stevie Wonder’s CHOICE to use autotune. If you’re not checking his blog on a daily basis, you’re doing your daily routine a severe disservice. And he shouts us out, which is always nice and appreciated.

Second things second, we’re not DJing this weekend which is extremely WTF because we’ve been so damn busy lately, so I’m taking this opportunity to go see one of my favorite artists Romanthony up in NY with Pink Skull and Hug Mode. Stop by Love and say hi. I will be the best dressed bearded man in the building.

Third things third, I’m doing a solo gig in Cleveland next Friday, January 23rd. If you’re in Ohio, I strongly suggest you come through and rock with your boy. I’m finna kill it something surrious.

Friday, January 23rd
Cleveland, Ohio
*LeBOOM @ The Mercury Lounge*
Emynd with William Russell

Open Bar from 9:30 – 11

Then I’m back to Philly to rock the It’s the Year 1998 at Johnny Brenda’s with the help of our fine friends at These parties have been super crazy. Expect nothing but the best songs of 1998 and look for some press next week in local Philly media.

Saturday, January 24th
Philadelphia, PA & Crossfaded Bacon Present
*IT’S THE YEAR 1998 @ Johnny Brenda’s”
w/ DJs Emynd & Bo Bliz

Playing Bangers from ‘98
10PM – 2AM

Then Saturday January 31st, Bo and I are in San Francisco with Dave Nada for Serg’s FACE DOWN ASS UP warehouse party. Should be absolutely BUCK WILD:

Saturday, January 31st
San Francisco, CA
Dave Nada, Emynd & Bo Bliz, Joe Banks, and Kirin Rider

Latenight Warehouse jump-off
Get on the list to get the secret location HERE

And finally, first Friday, February 6th, we’re back at our favorite party, THE BOUNCE @ the Barbary with big homie LLOYDKSI to rock with us.

Friday, February 6th
Philadelphia PA
*The BOUNCE @ The Barbary*
Emynd & Bo Bliz w/ special guest LLOYDSKI

9PM – 2AM
Free PBR & Vodka from 9-11
$5 Cover after 10

And just so I’m not just talking about myself in this silly post, hit up Exit Skateshop this weekend for a monstrous MLK day sale.


Made In Queens

Made in Queens is a documentary by Nicholas Randall and Joe Stevens documenting a fresh group Trinidadian kids in a Queens subperb. Lead by teenage master builder Nicholas Ragbir, the squad turns BMX bikes into speaker balancin, mobile block party making monsters. Peep game here:

If you’d rather stick to your discman and your fixed gear, pump this on your way to Johnny Brenda’s.

Busta Feat. Jadakiss and Jeezy- Conglomerate

This Time Tomorrow…

Make sure you check out the promo for This Time Tomorrow a skateboarding film by Chris Mulhern. (It takes a bit to load but is well worth it.)

Adidas’ Rival Brings Free Holiday Beer — To Adidas

Something about this got me so siked. I don’t even really care what kind of gain they will receive from this. This takes heart.

“Yup, you heard right. It seems that etnies has decided to spread Christmas cheer throughout Portland, The Grinch be damned. After learning that “the company will do without year-end parties” the powers that be stepped up to the plate. Check out the full-page ad that ran in a local paper today. And this is no joke, but a true act of good will. As the ad states, “…Reflect upon life’s gifts as we share good cheer, celebrate the season and kick the new year off on a solid foot.” Well put.

Check out the story on


London and some Changes ‘Round Here

Man, London this past weekend was crazy. Massive shout outs to the Count and Sinden for putting me on, to the dude Skream for killing it, the boy Sam from Dollop, Roxy Cottontail for stopping by, and the Smalltown DJs as well for taking some shots with me. Seriously such a good weekend full of great music, a ton of drinking, and not enough sleeping… but hey, it’s Monday and I’m back on the day-to-day grind. Didn’t have the traditional American Thanksgiving that we all look forward to, but drinking and partying in a strange rainy land is a nice substitute to the ol’ Turkey and Mash potatoes thing. The best news is that I ate enough kebabs and Haribo to hold me over until my next trip to Europe (frankly, I’m sick of both at this point) and got a really dope Merc jacket so I look like the Lebanese Paddington bear.

If you’re in London before Christmas, please promise me you’ll got to the Mutate London Art exhibit. We spent a day at the Tate, then stumbled into the Mutate London exhibit on Curtain Road in Shoreditch and there was no comparison between the two. The Mutate London show alone made my trip to Engerland completely worthwhile. I will be doing a proper blog post on it later this week.

By the way, I’ve recruited a couple new blog posters for this here jam just to keep this ish fresh and interesting. My man Phil Money is my dude from Philly who’s schooled in the arts and got good taste in music… and he’s quite a funny dude. I fully expect him to contribute some completely random stuff that Bo Bliz and I wouldn’t ourselves post. Same goes for SdotMilla who is the owner and operator of the finest skateshop in all of Philly, Exit Skateshop in Fishtown. He reluctantly comes to every party Bo Bliz and I do even though he hates the music and would much rather listen to Johnny Cash or Neil Young (which I’m not mad at), so I wouldn’t expect a whole lot of music posting from him. He’ll probably just post a bunch of youtubes since all he does when he’s working at his shop all day is give people free product and watch horrible youtube videos.

Over the next couple days, I need to find a way to make it clear who is posting what because right now, the little tag at the bottom of each post that says “Posted by ______” just isn’t cutting it for me. But for right now, please just bare with us and enjoy the new content from the new ‘bols.


That being said, got another edition of THE BOUNCE this Friday at the Barbary, and I fully expect to be just as wild as the last one. This party continues to get better and better and better and I really can’t wait until Friday. If you’re in Philly and you’re not at this party, you’ve got no one to blame but yourself for doing something lame. As always, FREE PBR AND VODKA FROM 9-11 along with skate video screenings. Cover starts at 10 PM (only $5 all night) and music starts 11ish… then we go in HARD. Expect all the hits, a bunch of our own stuff, and whatever debaucherous music is gonna make all the wifies in the audience forget who their hubbies are.

Let’s go.