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New Stranger Day and Emynd mixtape available right this darn second. Most beats by your boy Emynd but two bangers contributed by Mad Decent’s Derek Allen aka DJA. Download it below or go grab it on Datpiff.

Stranger Day x Emynd – A Sunday Drive With The Windows Down (Zip Mediafire Download)



What can I say? I’m a sucker for this timeless U2 melody so I added some booming 808s and trap hats-and-heys to complete this remix. It’s been getting a ton of love. Hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do.

Nicki Minaj – Super Bass (Emynd Remix) (Mediafire)



Bing bang boom! This time around for the 1st & 15th Mix, I’ve prepared a mix focusing on fun original club blends and remixes that I’ve been rocking in my sets the past several months. Lots of banging new hip-hop joints with some unexpected acapellas on top, all of which I’m pretty proud. I made this mix with the FRESH PRODUCE party at The Good Life in mind– a party in Boston that I’m DJing Saturday, February 25th. Check out the Facebook Invite here and the flyer here. If you’re in the New England area, come see me rock with the homies Knife and Durkin. Otherwise, I hope y’all enjoy this mix!

Don’t forget to check out all of the other 1st & 15th mixes here for stream and here for download.

1st & 15th Mixcast Volume 43 – Emynd – Fresh Produce Mix (Mediafire Download)

1. Flosstradamus – Total Recall vs Act A Fool (Emynd Blend)
2. Chris Brown & T-Pain Kiss Kiss vs YU Mad (Emynd Blend)
3. Birdman ft Nicki Minaj – YU Mad
4. Future ft Drake – Tony Montana vs Wild Boy (Emynd Blend)
5. Paris Artelli & Emynd – & ^ (Money Up)
6. FKI x Iggy Azalea x HXV – I Think She Ready
7. Bei Major ft Waka Flocka – Lights Down Low
8. Lil Durk ft King Louie – Get Paid
9. El Feco – Wham To De Reggae vs Good Good Night (Emynd Blend)
10. Rihanna – Rude Boy vs Good Good Night (Emynd Blend)
11. Roscoe Dash – Good Good Night
12. Lil Jon – What You Gonna Do vs Stay Schemin’ (Emynd Blend)
13. Beyonce – Ring The Alarm vs Stay Schemin’ (Emynd Blend)
14. Rick Ross ft Drake & French Montana – Stay Schemin’
15. Wiz Khalifa ft Too Short – On My Level vs Xxplosive (Emynd Blend)
16. Cham – Bring It On vs Livin’ Better Now (Emynd Blend)
17. Snoop Dogg ft Pharrell – Drop It Like It’s Hot vs Shot Caller (Emynd Blend)
18. French Montana ft Diddy & Rick Ross – Shot Caller Remix
19. Tyga – Rack City (Emynd Doo Doo Brown Remix)
20. Nicki Minaj – Stupid Hoe
21. Sean Paul – Infiltrate vs The Motto (Emynd Blend)
22. Infamous Kid & Emynd – Fly Away (Music Is The Answer)
23. Lady Gaga – Bad Romance vs Holding You Down (Emynd Blend)
24. Sess 4-5 ft Keedy Black – I Luv Dat Boy
25. Wale ft Big Sean – Slight Work
26. King Kong – Fuck My Mind x Wait (Emynd Blend)
27. Emynd – Bailando Calrissian
28. Smalltown DJs ft Alanna Stuart – Love Decoy (Emynd Moombahton Remix)
29. Nicki Minaj – Super Bass (Emynd Remix)


(Alternate Hulkshare Link)

First leak from my forthcoming album with Lil Wayne vocals and original production by Emynd using M83 source material. The epic “My Tears are Becoming a Sea” turned into a more epic trap anthem for Lil Wayne and Ross to murder. Hope y’all enjoy. Check back soon for more info on THE CARTER 83.

Emynd x M83 x Lil Wayne x Rick Ross – My Tears Are Becoming John (Mediafire) (Hulkshare)


New album from big homie Reef the Lost Cauze and the snow goons aptly titled YOUR FAVORITE MC. Go cop it on iTunes or Amazon (only $6.99!) right now! Hard rap and boom bap beats. GRAB IT NOW!



The other day, I was on a quick road trip listening to Extra Prolific’s now classic “Like It Should Be” and it dawned on me that I needed to put together a collection of my favorite Hiero songs. And… so I did. 27 of my favorite Hiero joints, all of which come before the year 2000. This isn’t because Hiero stopped putting out good music after 2000. Frankly, I have no idea if they did or didn’t because I haven’t been paying attention… but these joints all bang and this mix is a fun trip down memory lane with a lot of great rap that has aged extremely well. I’d like to think this is a good introduction to the Hieroglyphics crew for those who aren’t familiar with their work, but also a fun listen to those of us who grew up listening to them. Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy it!

Stream it above or download it below and don’t forget you can stream the rest of the 1st & 15th mixes here (or download them all individually here). As always, thanks so much for listening!

1st & 15th Mixcast Volume 37 – Emynd – Best of Hiero (Mediafire Download)

1. Souls of Mischief – Batting Practice (Demo Version)
2. Casual – Lose In the End
3. Del – Miles To Go
4. Casual, Opio, and Tajai – Rippers
5. Souls of Mischief – Souls of Mischief
6. Del – Thank Youse
7. Extra Prolific ft Casual – Cash Money
8. Souls of Mischief – Step To My Girl (Demo Version)
9. Casual – It’s Like That
10. Souls of Mischief – That’s When Ya Lost
11. Del – Don’t Forget
12. Extra Prolific – Never Changing
13. Dinosaur Jr & Del – Missing Link
14. Souls of Mischief – Anything Can Happen
15. Extra Prolific – Is It Right?
16. Souls of Mischief – Ya Don’t Stop
17. Pep Love and Jay Biz – Can I Kill Em?
18. Souls of Mischief – Make Up Your Mind
19. Casual ft Del – A Little Something
20. Souls of Mischief – Our Secret
21. Del – Catch A Bad One
22. Souls of Mischief – Cab Fare
23. Extra Prolific – One Motion
24. Souls of Mischief – A Name I Call Myself
25. Souls of Mischief – Live and Let Live
26. Casual – I Gotta (Get Down)
27. Souls of Mischief – 93′ Til Infinity



Emynd ft Infamous Kid – Fly Away (Music Is The Answer) (Dirty) by Emynd

New Digital 12″ with production by Emynd and vocals by the homie from LA Infamous Kid. Blog, tumbl, tweet, and play it everywhere. Hope y’all enjoy it! Stream above, Dirty, Clean, and Instrumental below.

Emynd ft Infamous Kid – Fly Away (Music is the Answer) (Dirty)
(Clean) (Instrumental)



The Beatards – Get Lite (Emynd Remix) by Emynd

Forgot to post about this dope remix I did for The Beatards new Remix EP featuring some really fun remixes by Clockwork, Cobra Krames, DJ Teenwolf, Morsy, and more. Check out and download the entire EP HERE!

The Beatards – Get Lite (Emynd Remix) (Direct Mp3 Download)



Bar Stool Bounce by Stranger Day

Available now! It’s free! Grab it!

Stranger Day – Bar Stool Bounce EP (Mediafire Zip Download)

1. Stranger Day – Not Playin’ (Prod by Emynd)
2. Stranger Day – Turn It Up (Prod by Emynd)
3. Stranger Day – Moonwalkin’ on the Sun (Prod by Emynd)
4. Stranger Day – What We Want (Prod by Emynd)
5. Stranger Day ft Mike Golden – Me (Prod by Mike Golden)
6. Stranger Day – Jukeboxxx (Prod by Derek DJA Allen)
7. Stranger Day – Stranger Day Wasted (Prod by Emynd)


Somewhere Between Fast Food & Vegan Vol 2 Edits for Download

Back in March we released Last Word from Get Cryphy’s newest mix Somewhere Between Fast Food & Vegan Vol. 2. When he originally put together the mix he made it in reverse order: starting with all the edits and remixes first so that after releasing the mix he could also release a gang of edits off the mix. Well, thanks to the grace of God, these edits are finally available individually! Go ahead and grab them below.

SBFFVV2 EDITS (Mediafire ZIP Download)
USDA – Bag Music (Last Word Little Girls Eyes (Jeezy Only) Edit)
Lil Wayne – Best Rapper (Last Word Fear of the Dark Intro Edit)
Drake – Do It Now (Last Word Intro/Outro Edit)
Musab – Extravagant (Last Word’s Stormy Edit)
Memphis Bleek f. M.O.P. – First, Last, Only (Last Word Edit)
Kanye West f. Cam’Ron & Consequence – Gone (Last Word’s it’s To Late Edit)
P.O.S. – Goodbye (last Word 16 Bar Intro Edit)
Rick Ross – Gotti Family (Last Word’s Work To Do Edit)
Jay – Z – Kingdom Come (Last Word Edit)
Wale – My Sweetie (Last Word Edit)
Slaughterhouse – Not Tonight (Last Word’s Don’t You Know Edit)
Mike Mictlan – Prizefight (Last Word’s Beak vs. Tigs Re-Edit)
Outkast – Skew It On The Bar-B (Last Word Remix)
Dj Babu f. MF Doom – The Unexpected (Last Word Extended Intro Edit)


I know this is all over the other rap blogs that everyone checks, but I’m re-posting it because I’m never mad at rappers rapping over breakbeats. That raw rappitty rap shit.

Wale – Lace Frontin’ (Hulkshare MP3 Download)



Black EL x Durkin – Sunday Drive by Durkin Music

The homie Durkin in Boston hooked up this fresh beat for Black El (previously known as Black Element). Just one of the many highlights on their “Color Commentary” Album. Grab it!



WIN WIN x Kingdom x Rick Ross – Chopper in the Car(Jimmy2times Blend) by jimmy2times

Win Win, “Interleave (Kingdom Remix)” by The FADER

Fun blend by the homie Jimmy 2 Times of Kingdom’s remix of Win Win’s original with Rick Ross vocals.


THINGS WE LIKE: The Hype Men Podcast

Back again with another edition of THINGS WE LIKE! Woop wooooop!

I’ve got a real love/hate relationship with The Hype Men Podcast. I like it because it’s nerdy dudes talking about rap for an hour with occasionally interesting guests. I hate it because sometimes it’s just unbearably nerdy at a very specific, uninteresting level… and it all too often turns into Jensen relaying pointless anecdotes about BEING A WHITE RAPPER SIGNED BY INTERSCOPE and WORKING WITH KANYE and blah blah blah. We get it, buddy: Interscope tried to cash in on your whiteness and multi-syllabic rhyme patterns and Jimmy Iovine would probably spot you money for an Orange Julius if he saw you in the mall. (By the way, what the eff is up with white rappers and multi-syllabic rhyme patterns?)

Anyway, I guess my point is, I have a love/hate relationship with this podcast mostly because of lack of options. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, there’s not a whole lot of rap-related podcasting available, which seems really silly to me. Surely there’s plenty of people that would love to hear hour long interviews with their favorite rappers that delve into deeper discussions than the 5 minute youtube/vimeo/worldstar interview clips where random-rapper-guy is just like “YEAH I WAS IN THE STUDIO WITH WIZ KHALIFA AND HE SEEMS PRETTY COOL! BY THE WAY GO BUY MY NEW ALBUM! SHOUT OUT TO DUBLIN, IRELAND!” or whatever. I guess the Juan Epstein Podcasts are good but they don’t come along frequently enough. A podcast is unfortunately only as good as the podcasters’ commitment to updating frequently. So, yeah, begrudgingly, I like the Hype Men Podcast and you should check it out when you get a chance. The Just Blaze Episode is legitimately great and Fat Jew Episode is legitimately hilarious. Their entire archive is worth scrolling through. They’ve interviewed 88 Keys, Jean Grae, Freddie Gibbs, and a few other notables. Also, Jensen sharing 2 of Yeezy’s earliest beat tapes is an awesome look.

Kudos to the Hype Men boys for trailblazing this hip-hop podcasting ish and, at the very least, providing a constant stream of material that at least ATTEMPTS to move in more interesting directions than most rap journalism out there. And, big up rap nerds everywhere!



Just posting this because I’ve gotten a few requests for it behind the scenes. Don’t forget to check Last Word’s Volume 2 of this series. So ill. Last Word’s notes about Volume 1 mix:

A project I did of remixes of Minneapolis rappers music. i.e. Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Carnage. It’s all sample based, and the quality on some of them isn’t the greatest. People have really enjoyed it that copped it back in the day. It also has all the instrumentals.

Hope y’all enjoy it.

Last Word – Somewhere Between Fast Food & Vegan Vol 1 (Mediafire ZIP Download)

1. Big Jess – That Morning
2. Atmosphere – Smart Went Crazy (RYJ Remix)
3. Ernie Rhodes – The Works (Remix)
4. Carnage – Bring The Soul Back Cont.
5. Brother Ali – Original King (RYJ Remix)
6. Ernie Rhodes – I Elevate (Remix.3)
7. Dispute One – Transitional Grammar (Revisited)
8. New MC f. John Mayer – Emo Rap 2
9. Last Word – That morning Inst.
10. Last Word – Smart Went Crazy Inst.
11. Last Word – The Works Inst.
12. Last Word – Bring the Soul Back Cont. Inst.
13. last Word Original King Inst.
14. Last Word – I Elevate Inst.
15. Last Word – Transitional Grammar Inst.
16. Last Word – Emo Rap 2 Inst.