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White T’s Pics/Shore YouTube

Yooooooooo!!!! Thanks to everyone who came out to White T’s(on what’s supposed to be the deadest month of the year) and made it live as shit. Fuck the shore, and fuck going home for the summer(if you are of the college persuasion that is). Extra special shout outs go to DIPLO for coming through and rocking with us late night on the surprise set tip.

Here are a couple of my favorite pics from the night, and a link to some others I was fortunate enough to receive a link to.

Nothing sweet but some sparks in here. Mean mugs 4 eva.
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Real guls get down on the flo, on the flo
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Link to more White T’s pics.

When I said fuck the shore, I definitely wasn’t talking about Avalon, NJ. Once a year my man Bobbles throws an event called “Bobblepalooza”. It’s a fund raiser for Multiple Sclerosis, which earned upwards of 10 stacks for the cause this year. Emil and I dj’ed it(killed shit son) for seven hours and only played 2 songs twice. We also drank for seven hours, and helped the party kill 40 FUCKING KEGS. Hate it or love it, this event brings out some colorful characters. One of them is showcased in this YouTube of an afterparty. Homes wore cowboy boots and tighty-whiteys(the yellow version) all day at the party while writhing around like a snake on a dance floor covered in beer, sweat, and spit.

Yes, he is bench pressing kegs.

I finally found someone that has more fun than me. Amazing.


Philly Parties: Friday 7/20 and Saturday 7/21

This upcoming weekend, emynd and Bo will be doing a couple huge parties in Philly.

First we’ve got the “Crew Love” collobaration with our dudes the Philadelphyinz and Seclusias at a beautiful warehouse (click for map) out in University City on Friday July 20th. Open from 10PM to 3AM, this party sponsored by Philebrity is going to be off the meter. Seriously, if you’re looking to wile out in a new spot, this is the place. Get on the reduced price guest list here.

On Saturday, July 21st, we’re back at the M Room with our buddies Caps and Jones for more mayhem. We’re going to kill it as usual, but now we’ve got some extra insentive for all of our night owls to get there early: $1 Vodkas before midnight and $3 PBR and shot specials. IT IS GOING DOWN. Get on the reduced price guest list here.



8 N. Preston St. in West Philly (just north of market btwn 40th & 41st, half a blk away from the el)

10PM-3AM | 18+ | BYOB w/ID | $10/$7 on reduced list (

Seriously. Don’t be afraid to come to Univeristy City for this place because the place is amazing


Roll Call July 21 Flier

M Room: 15 W Girard Avenue. $5 before Midnight or on Guest List. $8 after Midnight.


Holler at the guestlist here.

White Ts & White Belts: July 2007


Free beer all night. Opens at Midnight. Let’s do this.

Emynd & Bo Bliz “White Ts & White Belts” EP

WTWBs EP Front WTWBs EP Back

High Quality MP3’s of the awesome record Flamin Hotz put out are right HERE.

Download them now and rock your party.

01 Philly Club Anthem — Bo Bliz
02 He Kissed Me Club Theme — Emynd
03 Get F’D Up — Emynd
04 A Bit Patchy Club Theme — Emynd
05 I See Some Thick Jawns — Emynd
06 White Tees and White Belts — Emynd
07 Sizzla Loves It — Bo Bliz
08 I Wanna Be Luchini — Bo Bliz
09 Automatic Head — Emynd & Bo Bliz


Dec White Ts

So Crossfaded Bacon was in the house this past Friday at the monstrous White Ts & White Belts in the northern-most edge of Northern Liberties at the Red Warehouse in Philly. Shit was bananas. Dan the Swede, emynd and Bo Bliz, and Caps and Jones had every girl in the place shaking her proverbial money maker, and all 500 people in the fucking building were wasted by the end of the night.

It hasn’t been done this big since the (unfortunately) long-gone days of Hollertronix.

Thankfully, my man DrinkMoloko was up in the spot, repping the ‘Burg (Williamsburg) and documenting Friday night’s antics with a wealth of wonderful pictures here (Part 1), here (Part 2), and here (Part 3).

Some highlights are posted below.