Kenny Dixon Jr vs Emynd “I Should’ve Known (Emynd’s Party Break)”

The original of Kenny Dixon Jr.’s “I Should’ve Known” is without a doubt one of my favorite house songs ever. The shit is just so soulful and painful, while still grooving real hard. The drums on the OG, however, were preventing me from playing this song out, so when making the Crossfaded Bacon 2008 Mix, I thought I’d whip together a beefed up version with some more traditional house drums. I wound up adding the Rihanna vocal and the Nightcrawlers horn loop just to spicen it up a bit and keep it familiar for folks who aren’t totally into this style of shit. This is by no means a replacement for the OG of this song however. The OG is perfect. In comparison, this is just some random bullshit thrown together.

Whatever the case, I hope you find it useful and enjoy it.

Kenny Dixon Jr vs Emynd “I Should’ve Known (Emynd’s Party Break)”:


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