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Emynd ft Peedi Crakk & Young Chris – Niggas In North (Philly Club Mix) (Dirty & Clean Free DL)) by Emynd

My dudes Peedi and Chris killing the “Niggas In Paris” beat something serious. I re-produced it inna Bmore/Philly Club fashion. It goes HARD in the club. Believe that.

Emynd ft Peedi Crakk & Young Chris “Niggas In North (Philly Club Mix)” DIRTY (Mediafire) (Hulkshare)

Emynd ft Peedi Crakk & Young Chris “Niggas In North (Philly Club Mix)” RADIO/CLEAN (Mediafire) (Hulkshare)



Nola Gumbo “Official New Orleans Bounce Remixes” by TheBouncespot

New Remix and Mash-Up release from The Bounce Spot with Gotty Boi Chris on headlining duties with remixes from Emynd, Top Billin, Nick Catchdubs, Proper Villains and many many more. Really dope release. Go grab it now for free!

The Bouncespot Presents: Nola Gumbo “Official New Orleans Bounce Remixes” Starring Gotty Boi Chris
Release Date: August 16th, 2011 (FREE DOWNLOAD!!)

The Bouncespot presents: Nola Gumbo “Official New Orleans Bounce Remixes” Starring Bounce artist Gotty Boi Chris as well as tracks from Sissy Nobby, Darkskinn Jamaine DSJ, Big Choo, Vockah Redu and Fly Boi Keno. Volume 1 features exclusive remixes by some of the dopest Producer/Dj’s including; Nick Catchdubs & Proper Villains (Fool’s Gold), Schlachthofbronx (Man Recordings / Mad Decent), Top Billin (Helzinki, Finland), Dj Yoda (London, UK), Dj Wonder (Shade 45/Sirius XM), Emynd (Crossfaded Bacon), Copia Doble Systema (Urban World Records/ Copenhagen, Denmark), Kaptain Cadillac (Booty Call Records/ Paris, France), Marvy Da Pimp (Booty Call Records/ Paris, France), Lifepartner (Los Angeles, U.S.) and The Bouncespot Dj’s.


1. Azz In The Air (Original) – Gotty Boi Chris
2. Azz In The Air (Schlachthofbronx Remix) – Gotty Boi Chris
3. Azz In The Air (Dj Wonder Remix) – Gotty Boi Chris
4. Yo Baby Daddy (Original) – Gotty Boi Chris
5. Yo Baby Daddy (Top Billin Remix) – Gotty Boi Chris
6. Yo Baby Daddy (Emynd Remix) – Gotty Boi Chris
7. Do You Know (Original) – Gotty Boi Chris
8. Do You Know (Nick Catchdubs & Proper Villains Remix) – Gotty Boi Chris
9. Do You Know (Dj Yoda Remix) – Gotty Boi Chris
10. Lift It Up (Original) – Gotty Boi Chris
11. Lift It Up (Marvy Da Pimp Remix) – Gotty Boi Chris
12. Dat Booty (Bouncespot Dj’s Remix) – Darkskinn Jamaine (DSJ)
13. Du! (Emynd Remix) – Vockah Redu & The Bouncespot Dj’s
14. Loosey Loose (Kaptain Cadillac Remix) – Fly Boi Keno
15. Poppa Got A New Bag (Original) – Big Choo
16. Poppa Got A New Bag (Copia Doble Systema Remix) – Big Choo
17. Poppa Got A New Bag (Lifepartner Remix) – Big Choo
18. Pop Dat Dyck Up – Sissy Nobby & The Bouncespot Dj’s
19. Pop Dat Dyck Up (Lifepartner Remix) – Sissy Nobby
20. Giddy Up (Bouncespot Dj’s Electro Remix) – Sissy Nobby



Emynd – Sail Away Theme by Emynd

I’m heavy back on my Bmore grind! This time I gave Enya’s classic “Orinoco Flow” the treatment. I know this song is pretty cheesy, but there’s something strangely affecting about it. I find it to be way more emotional then I should probably admit. Hope y’all enjoy it either way.

Emynd – Sail Away Theme (Mediafire MP3 Download)



Kool Aid – James Nasty and Jonty by James Nasty

This is an instant club classic. So damn good! Big up James Nasty!

James Nasty & Jonty – Kool Aid (Dirty) (Mediafire MP3 Download)
James Nasty & Jonty – Kool Aid (Clean) (Mediafire MP3 Download)



Sorry we’re late, but July 4th long weekend got us all confused and backed up. Do not fret however… we’re back for the always-worth-waiting-for 1st & 15th Mixcast Series! This time around, Emynd whipped up a mix of some of his favorite Baltimore Club remixes of Soul joints and classic cuts for an hours worth of tasteful, fun re-interpretations of classic songs we all know and love. Great for a late night post-party dance session at the crib, at one of your BBQs, or summer road trips. As always, don’t forget you can stream the rest of the 1st & 15th mixes here (or download them all individually here). Thanks for listening!

1st & 15th Mixcast Volume 31 – Emynd = Foot Stomping (Mediafire MP3 Download)

1. KW Griff – Foot Stompin’
2. Emynd – Be My Baby
3. Debonair Samir – Charlie Brown (Part 2)
4. Mike 2600 – Fuck You Pay Me
5. Emynd – He Kissed Me Theme
6. Debonair Samir – Blue Moon
7. Xxxchange – Bmore on Blast
8. Emynd – Knee Deep Theme
9. Emynd – But It’s Alright
10. Cymande – Brothers on the Slide (Ruffy & Tuffy’s Extended Mix)
11. Scott Matelic – Grapevine
12. Mighty Dub Katz – Let the Drums Speak
13. Rod Lee – What They Do
14. Emynd – Nowhere to Run
15. Diplo – Shake It Up
16. Frankie Valli – Beggin’ (Pilooski Edit)
17. Emynd – Oogum Boogum Theme
18. Kazey & Bulldog – It’s Allright
19. Emynd – Oye Coma Va Theme
20. Emynd – Rock This Park
21. Squeak E. Clean and Desert Eagles – Mr. Sandman
22. Nina Simone – Takin’ Care of Business (Pilooski Edit)
23. Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Dancing In the Street (Emynd Treat Em Right Blend)
24. Oh Snap!! – My Boy Frinzback
25. DJ Technics – Boardwalk
26. Dave Nada – Spell On You
27. Solly – Cali Dreams
28. Mickey – Good Time Tonight
29. Emynd – Reach Out
30. Emynd – What About Tomorrow


2DEEP – Pull Up (Original Mix) *Now FREE Download* by 2 DEEP

Another fun Baltimore-Meets-Dutch thingymerbobber from LA’s 2 Deep boys.



Vaiper On The Green Clouds – Karo Sokis (Ophex Remix) by Ophex

Dope 90s-ish Ravey Bmore remix thingy of Vaiper on the Green Clouds’ “Karo Sokis” with Rave stabs and vocal chops by Lithuania’s Ophex Music. Good stuff.



Jamie XX – Far Nearer (Emynd Remix) by Emynd

Jamie XX’s new track “Far Nearer” has been making its rounds on the internet, and while I like the original great deal, I wanted to make a Baltimore version that would sound a bit more cohesive in the types of sets I play while still being fairly true to the vibe of the OG, so I whipped together this Remix. I’m pretty psyched on it. If you’re not feeling the Paul Johnson vocal snips and chops, I upped a Instrumental/Dub as well. Hope y’all enjoy it!

Jamie XX – Far Nearer (Emynd Remix) (Mediafire MP3 Download)
Jamie XX – Far Nearer (Emynd Remix Dub) (Mediafire MP3 Download)



WhoRunTheWorld (Say Wut Remix) by saywut

My dog S-S-S-SAY WUT kills this remix. Look out for some future work with me and the Bmore club legend. In the mean time, bang this remix!



BassJackers & Ralvero – Bang Like A Kickdrum ( 2DEEP DG DUTCHMORE BOOTLEG! ) by 2 DEEP

Mavado & LA Destruction – Hornz So Special ( 2 DEEP So $pecial Bootleg! ) by 2 DEEP

French Fries – Senta ( 2 Deep & Quality How Bout Some Fast Food Remix! ) *DL Link In Description * by 2 DEEP

Scott Matelic – Sirens ( 2 Deep Samir’s on Drum$ !?! Remix ) * FREE DOWNLOAD* by 2 DEEP

Meant to blog about these boys 2 Deep a while ago because they did a dope Scott Matelic Remix but in the mean time they’ve definitely hit us with some more heat!



Emynd – Oye Como Va Theme by Emynd

If you haven’t noticed, there’s been a bit of a Latin Dance music explosion what with Dave Nada’s Moombahton mayhem taking over the world. That partially inspired me to search out some useful Latin classics to update and I’ve always thought Tito Puente’s “Oye Como Va” would sound great as a beefed up Baltimore remix… so here it go! Hope y’all enjoy!

Emynd – Oye Como Va Theme (Mediafire Download)



Ginuwine-In Those Jeans (Wckids R&Bmore edit) by Wckids

Kimbra-Settle Down (Wckids What De Moombah Edit) by Wckids

Moments in Love WcKids 2011 Mix by Wckids

Some more random soundcloud heat, I stumbled across these dudes the WC Kids who have a bunch of tasteful and useful stuff on their Soundcloud. Check the stuff above and peep their page.



Gorilla Zoe ft Lil Jon – Twisted (Emynd Remix) by Emynd

New Baltimore-Club-Meets-Jerkin remix of Gorilla Zoe and Lil Jon’s “Twisted” produced by Emynd. Hope y’all like it!

Gorilla Zoe featuring Lil Jon “Twisted (Emynd Remix)” (Mediafire Download)


@_ActionJackson When The Night Falls EP Out Now

When the Night Falls EP (Out Now!) by DJActionJackson

My homie Action Jackson from Indy has a new release out on Heavy Gun Records with remixes from Scott Matelic and Flufftronix. Peep and download the title track above!



Bonjour Hi – Bounce (Emynd Remix) by Emynd

Coming soon on Slanted Black Records is the Bonjour Hi BANANA REMIX EP featuring awesome remixes from Lazerdisk, Bardeenz, JayCeeOh, Cobra Krames, Cocotaxi, and the Emynd remix above. Check back for purchasing info, check cheeky video for Emynd’s remix here, and check the original Bonjour Hi release here!