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Brother Reade vs Camo UFOs

Brother Reade – Impala (Camo UFOs Remix) by CrossfadedBacon

Last week, Media Contender posted the Camo UFOs Jungle remix of Brother Reade’s “Impala.” As you may remember, “Impala” was originally released on Brother Reade’s *DRAMA EP* on Crossfaded Bacon records back in December. This remix breathes some new life into the original, hearkening back to the Jungle days of yore but still sounding relevant today. Download the remix HERE and let us know your thoughts!


Stranger Day “Young, Dumb, & Dope” Mixtape!

New STRANGER DAY MIXTAPE IS AVAILABLE NOW! What’re you waiting for? Go grab it! Got a lot of fun stuff and dope appearances from Playboy Tre, Chip the Ripper, Skeet Skeet, Jams F Kennedy from Brother Reade, and more!


Stranger Day “Young, Dope, Dumb” Trailer

Quick trailer for the upcoming mixtape “Young, Dumb, and Dope” out 7.12.10 on

Mixed by dj benzi and featuring playboy tre, hollywood holt, chip the ripper, jams from brother reade, skeet skeet, klever, emynd and more….


Stranger Day x Benzi x Emynd

Stranger Day ft Chip Tha Ripper “Fuck You Money” (Emynd Remix) SOUNDCLOUD or 320 MEDIAFIRE

Really psyched to hit y’all with this remix I did for the homie from North Carolina, Stranger Day for his mixtape hosted by DJ Benzi “Young, Dumb & Dope” dropping 7.12.2010 on I’m hella happy with how this turned out and Stranger Day and Chip Tha Ripper both kill it.

Hope y’all enjoy and don’t forget to get the tape when it drops! It’s got features from Playboy Tre, Hollywood Holt, Skeet Skeet, Jams from Brother Reade, and more!


Them Jeans BEEF EP Available!

Steve Aoki: Two sweet groovy joints from the tallest dj I know!
Sinden: Flying rats is fresh!! supporting this!
Malente: “Flying Rats” It eats your brain. YE$! Â¥ES! Y€S!
DJ Neoteric ( Dubsided ): Feelin this release! Great remixes as well. For one time in my life I WANT Beef! The percussion in flying rats is slick! Full support!

Gonna keep it short for y’all today, but we’re back again with another huge release from the tallest DJ in the west, Them Jeans that is AVAILABLE NOW. Check the promo youtube above, but we got four massive songs for the biggest rooms possible on this release: Them Jean’s original compositions “Beef” and “Flying Rats” and two stunning remixes of “Beef” courtesy of Them Jeans’ LA party bros Dan Oh and Bobby Evans from Brother Reade. Dan Oh hits you over the head with a Bass-heavy romper while Bobby Evans takes another route, patiently producing a nearly 10 minute Tribal House anthem that’s straight out of the early 90s! But the real star here is Them Jeans himself, who treats us to two original Big Room House stompers that have everyone from Malente, Diplo, Steve Aoki, and Sinden losing their shit. Also attached in the zip, we have an internet only Bmore remix by CFB head-honcho Emynd that isn’t available on the digital EP.

As always, we’re circulating a couple tracks from the EP on the blogs so please feel free to post them wherever you like.

Them Jeans “Beef (Emynd Bmore Remix)” (Mediafire 320)

Them Jeans “Flying Rats (Original Mix)” (Mediafire 320)

You can purchase the EP at these fine locations! We appreciate your support immensely! I know y’all know how to download these songs somewhere or other, but what really keeps us going is the fact that people are willing to support our releases! And we appreciate it!

iTunes (Only $1.99!)
Turntable Lab

Any feedback is welcome and thanks for any and all support! Also, don’t forget to follow Crossfaded Bacon on twitter and Them Jeans on Twitter too!


Them Jeans *Beef EP* Next Week!

Hot damn, CFB is really starting 2010 off massive! A couple weeks ago we dropped the smash So Shifty *Wine Touch Clap* EP that has everyone from Diplo to Sinden singing its praises and next Tuesday, we got the tallest man in the scene Them Jeans amazing excursion into Big Room House territory with his *Beef EP*. These two releases are my favorite to grace the CFB landscape but before we spill the beans with snippets of the new Them Jeans release, let’s make sure you’re all caught up on the gems the man has blessed us with up to this point.


Brother Reade *DRAMA EP* Available NOW!

Today, December 22nd marks the release date of Crossfaded Bacon’s newest release, *THE DRAMA EP* by North-Carolinian-turned -LA-Transplants BROTHER READE. I’ve posted a promo youtube above with a snippet of each song (and click after the jump to peep full length Youtubes videos of each song) but this is the first of many Hip-Hop releases soon to come on CFB. As usual, genre-limitations are busted open on this release as the production infuses elements and influences as far reaching as Dub Step, traditional Southern Rap, Big Room House, and that True School Boom Bap Rap while vocalist Jams F. Kennedy weaves his way through each beat. Featuring remixes by Emynd, Scott Matelic, and new CFB signee Them Jeans, we’re all really excited about this EP.

Today, we’re sharing Brother Reade’s original “Southern Boy” mix as well as Emynd’s “Southern Man Remix” and we invite you to blog and distribute these two songs freely.

Brother Reade “Southern Boy (Original Mix)” (320 Mediafire)

Brother Reade “Southern Boy (Emynd’s Southern Man Remix)” (320 Mediafire)

The entire EP can be purchased at the following locations:
Turntable Lab

Thanks so much for the support! Don’t forget to follow Crossfaded Bacon on Twitter!

Check after the jump for full Youtube videos.

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