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Lil B The Based God – I Want Your Bitch (Produced by Emynd) by Emynd


Via ddeshilholleseamus and subsequently Tumblin’ Erb. See y’all at the Philly LIL B THE BASED GOD show tonight.


Based Buttons and Blast Beats Tshirt

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Soulja Boy “Pretty Boy Swag” (Emynd Baltimore Club Remix)

“Pretty Boy Swag” (Emynd Baltimore Club Remix) by Emynd

You know what it is. Soulja Boy doing his best Lil B impression. Spiced it up with some Bmore touch ups.

Soulja Boy “Pretty Boy Swag” (Emynd Baltimore Club Remix) (Mediafire 320)


Lil B “I Want Your Bitch” (Prod by Emynd)

So I flew out to the Bay this summer to build with young homie Lil B the Based God (aka Lil B from The Pack aka “the Rawest Rapper Alive”) who is not only the king of Myspace (over 100 myspace pages!), but he’s also one of the nicest, most genuine, interesting, good hearted, and talented people I’ve ever met. Truly blessed to have this dude in my life. He definitely makes some eccentric music and I’m really happy to be working with dude. The first youtube posted above is a song we threw together this summer that we didn’t really get to finish up, but he went ahead and threw it on his latest mixtape 6 Kiss anyway. I ain’t mad though! It sounds kinda good even though there’s some really rough bits–kind’ve adds to the aesthetic. That being said, most of “6 Kiss” is substantially better than this track (and not quite as uhm, vulgar?). Need proof? Check the video for “Myspace” also above which is a tremendous mixtape cut. B just murders it on that ish.

But, anyway, consider this an introduction to me and homie. Hopefully we’re going to be building on a lot of stuff in the future and I’m really excited about it. He’s all over the place musically these days working with folks as disparate as Soulja Boy and Diplo on the latest Gucci tape. I’ve posted our song for download below if you’re into it, but please support the dude by copping the “6 Kiss” album on Amazon (by the way, I’m Thraxxx is also worth your money!). I’ve really never met a kid more devoted to putting out art and he really puts everything into it. There’s nobody in the world I want to succeed more than Lil B and I really encourage you to support artists like this with your hard earned cash.

Don’t forget to follow his ass on twitter!

Lil B “I Want Your Bitch” (Produced by Emynd) (Mediafire)