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Sporty-O: Load Produced by Emynd

Sporty-O “Load (Emynd Original Mix)” by Emynd

So on a recent trip to DJ out in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I had the pleasure of rocking a party with Florida Breaks superstar producer/DJ Keith MacKenzie and the Atlanta MC Sporty O. After a couple of beers and burritos, the three of us had a great time, shooting the shit about music, traveling, sports, and rocked the shit out of that party in Santa Fe. We parted ways vowing to get some weird collaborations done in the near future and this is the first of what I believe will be several to come. The track above is featured on Sporty-O’s new solo LP available exclusively on Beatport here and as you can tell, I produced a pretty basic Baltimore re-work of the Atlanta Bass classic “My Boo” while Sporty-O rocks some party vocals on top of it. I’m really psyched on how it came out and encourage y’all to check out the rest of the album as well! DJs, if you need an mp3 of this shit, hit me up on Soundcloud or Twitter and I got you.