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Mike 2600 – Electric Summer

30 minutes of turned-on, fuzzed-out tunes, perfect for this hot hot summer.

Mike 2600 “Electric Summer” Mix


Mike 2600 & Prince Klassen *Kamchruouch*

I’ll let Mike 2600 hit you with them words:

Prince Klassen and I have been really getting into ’60s and ’70s psychdedelic rock and funk from Cambodia and Thailand. We cut up some of our favorite songs from this setting and put together this mix called Kamchruoch (the Khmer word for “fireworks”).

You can download the mix for free and read more about the music at

If you download the mix, we ask that you consider making a donation to Tiny Toones, a non-profit organization started by Cambodian-American deportee Tuy “KK” Sobil which provides a safe place for at-risk Cambodian youth to learn Enligh, Khmer, music, b-boying, art, drug prevention and harm reduction, and more.