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New jam alert!

Emynd turns the Key & Peele skit into a Bmore/Jersey Club anthem. Grab it now here:

Emynd – Pussy On the Chain Wax (MP3 Download)

1st & 15th Mixes Return Tomorrow!

“No two days are alike, except the first and fifteenth pretty much!!”

Not to be confused with Lupe Fiasco’s Production Company, Crossfaded Bacon is proud to present the triumphant return of the 1st & 15th Mix Series (now entitled the 1st & 15th Mixcast!) tomorrow March 1st with DJ Last Word’s fantastic new-rap-&-original-samples mixtape Somewhere Between Fast Food and Vegan Volume 2 (snippets of which can be heard here and here).

To prep for the mixtape and the return of the series, we’ve gone ahead and uploaded all 22 previous installments of the Mix Series on our Mixcloud page where you can stream each of the mixes in all their glory. If you’re not the streaming type, feel free to download any and all of the mixes RIGHT HERE as well. There’s literally something for everyone as you can see from the diverse discography below.

Thanks in advance for all the support and we’ll see you back on this page every 1st & 15th (but hopefully more often then that)!

Vol 01 – Bo Bliz – Best of TI (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 02 – Emynd – A Bunch of Rap (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 03 – Bo Bliz – Best of Project Pat (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 04 – Emynd – Best of Bmore Club Rap (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 05 – DJ Ayres – Best of Jeezy (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 06 – Bo Bliz – Best of Reef (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 07 – Emynd – A Bunch of R&B (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 08 – Kenny Fiesta – Flo-Ridas Side A (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 09 – Bo Bliz – Club Shit (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 10 – Bobby Analog – Outkast Party Mix (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 11 – Emynd – Best of Bleek (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 12 – DJ Eleven – 50 Minutes of Fresh (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 13 – Bo Bliz – Best of Schoolly D (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 14 – Sal Paradise – Sal’s Live Mixing (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 15 – DJ Apt One – Best of Philly Disco (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 16 – Emynd – Emynd in the Mix #1 (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 17 – Scottie B – Live in Philly (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 18 – Meistro – Crab Chips and Lake Trout (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 19 – Bo Bliz – Summer in Philly (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 20 – Pete Butta – Best of Gucci Mane (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 21 – JD – JD’s Bounce Mix (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 22 – DJ Eleven – Best of MOP (Stream)(MP3 Download)


True School Tuesdays: Almighty & KD Ranks

Classic Trenton shit produced by the late, great Tony D. RIP. Big ups to Noz from CB Rap for putting me onto this record. Ripped the OG version and the “Project Mix” from the 12″.

Almighty & KD Ranks “Trenton Where We From (Original Mix)” (320 Mediafire)
Almighty & KD Ranks “Trenton Where We From (Project Mix)” (320 Mediafire)


Bleszt Mixtape

Big homies Brick Bandits just released this mixtape with vocalist Bleszt and it’s a really dope combination of Club with Rap and R&B. Check it out on the Mad Decent blog.


Baltimore Club in the New Yorker

Not sure why SFJ hollered at my dumb ass to contribute some comments on Baltimore Club (possibly because he didn’t have a link to a more reliable source than me?) in his latest blog post, but I’m not about to turn down an opportunity to wax poetic about Baltimore Club Music… even if it’s controversial! Anyway, go read his piece and maybe hit us with some comments. Also, go support that DJ Sega CD. Shit bangs.

Big ups to everyone making Baltimore Club music… even if it sucks.



Trenton hip-hop legend dead at 42
Staff Writer

HAMILTON — Trenton lost a music legend over the weekend when hip-hop producer and DJ “Tony D” died in a one-car crash on Bunting Avenue near his township home.

Anthony “Tony D” DePula, 42, is credited with putting Trenton’s hip-hop scene on the map in 1990 by producing Poor Righteous Teachers’ “Rock Dis Funky Joint.” The music video to that classic single was filmed on the “Trenton Makes” bridge.

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