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Mike 2600 – USA – Chicago Qualifier by Red Bull Thre3style on Mixcloud

Today is the LAST DAY to vote for Mike 2600 to advance to the US Finals of the Red Bull Thre3style competition. VOTE FOR HIS ASS! He’s an awesome DJ, an awesome graphic designer, and an awesome human being!

Listen to his previous Red Bull Thre3style set above and GO VOTE FOR HIM NOW!


1st & 15th Mixes Return Tomorrow!

“No two days are alike, except the first and fifteenth pretty much!!”

Not to be confused with Lupe Fiasco’s Production Company, Crossfaded Bacon is proud to present the triumphant return of the 1st & 15th Mix Series (now entitled the 1st & 15th Mixcast!) tomorrow March 1st with DJ Last Word’s fantastic new-rap-&-original-samples mixtape Somewhere Between Fast Food and Vegan Volume 2 (snippets of which can be heard here and here).

To prep for the mixtape and the return of the series, we’ve gone ahead and uploaded all 22 previous installments of the Mix Series on our Mixcloud page where you can stream each of the mixes in all their glory. If you’re not the streaming type, feel free to download any and all of the mixes RIGHT HERE as well. There’s literally something for everyone as you can see from the diverse discography below.

Thanks in advance for all the support and we’ll see you back on this page every 1st & 15th (but hopefully more often then that)!

Vol 01 – Bo Bliz – Best of TI (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 02 – Emynd – A Bunch of Rap (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 03 – Bo Bliz – Best of Project Pat (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 04 – Emynd – Best of Bmore Club Rap (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 05 – DJ Ayres – Best of Jeezy (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 06 – Bo Bliz – Best of Reef (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 07 – Emynd – A Bunch of R&B (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 08 – Kenny Fiesta – Flo-Ridas Side A (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 09 – Bo Bliz – Club Shit (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 10 – Bobby Analog – Outkast Party Mix (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 11 – Emynd – Best of Bleek (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 12 – DJ Eleven – 50 Minutes of Fresh (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 13 – Bo Bliz – Best of Schoolly D (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 14 – Sal Paradise – Sal’s Live Mixing (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 15 – DJ Apt One – Best of Philly Disco (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 16 – Emynd – Emynd in the Mix #1 (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 17 – Scottie B – Live in Philly (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 18 – Meistro – Crab Chips and Lake Trout (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 19 – Bo Bliz – Summer in Philly (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 20 – Pete Butta – Best of Gucci Mane (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 21 – JD – JD’s Bounce Mix (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 22 – DJ Eleven – Best of MOP (Stream)(MP3 Download)


Mike 2600 – Extra Large Mix 2

EXTRA LARGE II by Mike 2600

Looky here – it’s the newest EXTRA LARGE mix, put together just for you all live from Mike 2600’s basement in beautiful Northeast Minneapolis! After you rock out to this spectacular mix of dance tunage, go see him and Wezz Winship at the First Avenue Record Room this Friday December 10!

Human League “Being Boiled”
E-40 “Tell Me When To Go (instrumental)”
Raw DMX “Do It to the Funk”
Jade “Don’t Walk Away (Mike 2600 blend)”
Graveleaf “The Crusade (Wax Romeo remix)”
Cameron Paul “Clock Beats”
DJ Day “Kossa”
Jean Buisine “Poids et Mesures”
Pleasure “Let’s Dance”
Doug Surreal & Mike 2600 “The Get It Now”
Michael Jackson “Rock With You (instrumental)”
Eric B & Rakim “Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em (acapella)”
Mike 2600 “Vibes”
Contents Hot “Boombahton”
Dillon Francis & Dave Nada “Brazzer’s Theme”
Pitbull “The Anthem (instrumental)”
Lady Saw “Loser”
Elephant Man “Dis Gone”
Beenie Man “Dance & Killy Dem”
Sean Paul “Hey Ya”
Beenie Man “Yuh Body”
Emynd ft Roundhead “The Most High (Mike 2600 remix)”
Earth Wind & Fire “Brazilian Rhyme”

Mike 2600 – Electric Summer

30 minutes of turned-on, fuzzed-out tunes, perfect for this hot hot summer.

Mike 2600 “Electric Summer” Mix


Wale ft Gucci & Reef *Pretty Girls* Emynd Remix

Wale ft Gucci Mane and Reef the Lost Cauze “Pretty Girls (Emynd Go-Go Remix)”  by  Emynd

Taken straight from the Do It To It Volume 3 (Click for the awesome artwork!!) that was unveiled at the release party at SXSW, here’s my remix of Wale’s great song with Gucci Mane “Pretty Girls.” I guess the OG is technically on some Go-Go ish, but I made a remix with some more accentuated Go-Go Drums and got my dude Reef the Lost Cauze to kick a new verse.

I’m really happy with it. Hope yall like it! You can purchase this remix and the rest of the CD HERE! It’s great!

Wale ft Gucci Mane & Reef the Lost Cauze “Pretty Girls (Emynd Go-Go Remix)” (320 Mediafire)

Wale ft Gucci Mane & Reef the Lost Cauze “Pretty Girls (Emynd Instrumental)” (320 Mediafire)


Mike 2600 & Prince Klassen *Kamchruouch*

I’ll let Mike 2600 hit you with them words:

Prince Klassen and I have been really getting into ’60s and ’70s psychdedelic rock and funk from Cambodia and Thailand. We cut up some of our favorite songs from this setting and put together this mix called Kamchruoch (the Khmer word for “fireworks”).

You can download the mix for free and read more about the music at

If you download the mix, we ask that you consider making a donation to Tiny Toones, a non-profit organization started by Cambodian-American deportee Tuy “KK” Sobil which provides a safe place for at-risk Cambodian youth to learn Enligh, Khmer, music, b-boying, art, drug prevention and harm reduction, and more.


Mike 2600 Interview

Funny and dope Mike 2600 interview over on the Turntable Lab blog talking about everything from food to breaks to design. Go check it out and cop Mike’s release from Turntable Lab right here!


Mike 2600 *READY TO ROCK EP* Available Now!

Today marks the release date of another fantastic release on our lil’ ol’ label here at Crossfaded Bacon HQ. This time we’re taking it back to them Old School Disco Party Breaks with Mike 2600’s *READY TO ROCK EP*. Mike himself created the hilarious and fun Promo video above of the title track on the EP, and I think it gives you a great indication of what this EP is all about with its Old School party vibes and editing. As you’ll notice quickly, each of the original songs on *Ready To Rock* are very clearly inspired by the innovative cut & paste mixes of Double Dee & Steinski, the Disco Rap aesthetic embodied by labels like West End and Enjoy Records, the spaced-out disco sounds of Cloud One, and even the raw sounds of ’60s garage and psych rock. If you didn’t already know, Mike 2600 is already a well known figure amongst some of the world’s biggest DJs (organizing the annual DO IT TO IT party at SXSW and helps compile the accompanying vinyl EP featuring remixes from DJs like Tittsworth, Dave Nada from Nadastrom, Crossfaded Bacon’s Emynd, and Bird Peterson) this is his first official solo release. Accompanied by exclusive remixes from CFB boys Emynd and Scott Matelic, we’re really proud to introduce Mike 2600 to the rest of the world with another CFB release that will sound fresh whether played today, tomorrow, next year, or next decade. Oh and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter.

As a gift to y’all today, you can download Mike’s original *Gigolo Rhythm* and Scott Matelic’s Remix below. Feel free to blog these boys or hit us with comments!

Mike 2600 *Gigolo Rhythm* (320 Mediafire, Zshare)

Mike 2600 *Gigolo Rhythm (Scott Matelic Remix)* (320 Mediafire, Zshare)

The full EP is available for purchase now on iTunes, Amazon, Junodownload, and Turntablelab. Thanks so much for all the support! As always, there’s a lot more to come!

And check after the jump for youtube clips of all the tracks on the EP!

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Emynd *Most High EP* AVAILABLE NOW

Back already with another new Crossfaded Bacon digital release for y’all to bang, we bring you Emynd’s *THE MOST HIGH EP* featuring Jamaican Dancehall deejay Roundhead on the vocals and huge remixes from Top Billin, So Shifty, Mike 2600, and Federation Sound. The EP is rounded out by two Emynd originals as well “Don’t Stop” and “We Gon Make It” (which was previously available on the Flamin Hotz x Unruly MCBU Vinyl only release. You can purchase it today at Juno Download, Turntable Lab, Amazon and any other fine digital outlets.

We’re circulating two tracks from the EP online so please feel free to post them where ever you like: Emynd’s original mix of the title track as well as So Shifty’s excellent remix:

Emynd “The Most High” (Original Mix) (320 Mediafire MP3) (zShare)

Emynd “The Most High” (So Shifty Remix) (320 Mediafire MP3) (zShare)

If you are going to blog these songs, please provide a link to our website (, the Youtube Promo Clip of all songs on the EP, and the following links for purchasing the whole EP:

Juno Download
Turntable Lab

Any feedback is welcome and thanks for any and all support! Also, don’t forget to follow Crossfaded Bacon on twitter!


Emynd ft Roundhead *The Most High EP* Full Promo

Next Tuesday, November 24th marks the release date of my newest release *THE MOST HIGH EP* featuring Roundhead on the vocals and excellent remixes by Top Billin, So Shifty, Federation Sound, and Mike 2600. The release also contains the previously vinyl-only cut “We Gon Make It” from the MCBU EP on Flamin Hotz as well as a brand spanking new joint called “Don’t Stop” all of which are previewed in the snippet above. Click after the jump for full youtube videos of each song/remix from the EP.

I’m really excited for this release and appreciate the support for Crossfaded Bacon! Don’t forget to follow CFB on Twitter!

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Emynd ft Roundhead *THE MOST HIGH EP* Preview

Next Tuesday, November 24th marks the release date of my newest release *THE MOST HIGH EP* featuring Roundhead on the vocals and excellent remixes by Top Billin, So Shifty, Federation Sound, and Mike 2600. The release also contains the previously vinyl-only cut “We Gon Make It” from the MCBU EP on Flamin Hotz as well as a brand spanking new joint called “Don’t Stop” both of which are posted after the jump with more info on the release.

I’m so psyched for this release. I’m really proud of the original, and each of the remixes really takes the song somewhere else.

Big ups to Kenny Meez for hooking me up with Roundhead.

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Mike 2600 Blends

New Crossfaded Bacon Records signing Mike 2600 killing it with a couple of really dope tracks over on the Yeeeah Buddy blog. While Mike and I make wildly different stuff, I’m really into his un-trendy style. I like to think that a lot of the stuff I personally make is likable and useful without bending towards whatever trendy aesthetic is currently in season on the blogs, and Mike’s stuff has that exact same feel. I guess the word I’m looking for is “timeless.” This stuff doesn’t sound like it was made in 2009, 1999, or 1989. It just sounds right, and I’m a big fan of music that isn’t concerned with its timeliness (shout out to folks like Eli Escobar and the Nacho Lovers who I feel are a couple other prime examples of this same artistic ethos). Anyway, enjoy the tracks and check back here for more info on Mike 2600’s forthcoming release (with remixes by Emynd and Scott Matelic)!

Gucci Crew II – Sally (Mike 2600 Blend)
Ultimate Spinach – Your Head Is Realing (Mike 2600 Remix)