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Glen Tech Review

Big up to Marcus Dowling for the glowing review of the GLEN TECH EP which is really burning up the internet right now. Check the review and cop the release if you haven’t yet! Thanks so much for all the love and support!


Emynd in NY on Friday

Click here for more info and brief interviews.


Mike 2600 Interview

Funny and dope Mike 2600 interview over on the Turntable Lab blog talking about everything from food to breaks to design. Go check it out and cop Mike’s release from Turntable Lab right here!


CFB Running TTL

Happy to report several of our CFB releases are charting extremely well over at Turntablelab and other digital sites. My *BMORE SOUL VOLUME 1* is the best selling digital album on TTL while Scott Matelic’s excellent *PARTY PEOPLE EP* is in the top 10 as well. We’ve been getting some incredible feedback on Scott’s release and I expect it to be #1 by the end of the week. Don’t forget to download Scott’s amazing original song “Hype” that I posted earlier this week.

We’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: in this digital age, we know how easy it is to find all this stuff online for free so we really appreciate it y’all CHOOSING to support us with your hard earned cash by buying these releases. Thanks so much and look out for future releases from me (Emynd), Mike 2600, So Shifty, Uncle Jesse, Them Jeans, Brother Reade, and a whole lot more!


Club Champ EP Charting on TTL!

My Club Champ EP has been selling very well over the past few weeks and is currently the top selling track on Turntablelab so thanks to everyone for all the support!! If you missed out on it, you didn’t actually miss out on it because it’s obviously still available a variety of places. Click above to cop it! Don’t forget to check low-quality snippets here.



Just got this email regarding from Derrick @ Bustbright, the excellent graphic designer that helped us design The Crossfaded Bacon EP Bo Bliz and I did on Flamin Hotz Records. (As a sidenote, this EP should be available digitally within the next couple weeks!!) Anyway, here’s the email:

Just wanted to let you know the Crossfaded Bacon EP has been accepted by the AIGA for this year’s AIGA 365 collection in the Packaging category. Its actually pretty tight…the AIGA is the big Graphic Design organization in the US and competition is pretty fierce. Last year they only picked one music package, and it was this huge, Wynton Marsalis, history of the French Quarter music deal. There were also only 14 pieces from the packaging category selected among the 300 pieces total last, so its kinda serious to be selected this year.

So copies of the record are gonna end up in the Denver Museum of Art AIGA Design Archive collection, a traveling exhibition, and online for as long as the internet lives at:

I’m pumped this got picked because it was a real collaboration between all of us (not to mention the contributions from Vlad and Michael) and its good to see a really indie label get some shine (honestly, its gonna be in the packaging category, probably next to some expensive beer or wine packaging).

I’m sure you guys are already getting some shine for the music on the release, but its nice to know that Flamin’ Hotz’s whole deal about making sure the packaging is just as tight is getting some play too.

Pretty awesome, yeah? It’s not a fucking Grammy for packaging design or anything, but we’ll save that for the next E&B release.

Thanks dudes for being so cool to work with and for pushing this shit to be as dope as possible.

We’re really excited!


Baltimore Club in the New Yorker

Not sure why SFJ hollered at my dumb ass to contribute some comments on Baltimore Club (possibly because he didn’t have a link to a more reliable source than me?) in his latest blog post, but I’m not about to turn down an opportunity to wax poetic about Baltimore Club Music… even if it’s controversial! Anyway, go read his piece and maybe hit us with some comments. Also, go support that DJ Sega CD. Shit bangs.

Big ups to everyone making Baltimore Club music… even if it sucks.



Just a reminder that we the best and everyone else sucks.



MMM Yessss we got it the hell in.

Shouts to Tiffany,, Exit Skateshop, Blu Jemz & Lloydski.


iTunes Love for Emynd

This was yesterday. Don’t know if it’s up anymore, but my Unruly EP getting some of that iTunes love.

Yes sir.

If you dont want to hit up iTunes because of the bitrate, you can cop the 320 MP3s straight from Unruly here or the WAV files on Turntable Lab here.


Emynd Pacemaker Mix #1

I did a more House-focused mix for the fine people at Pacemaker who make a really interesting product that they call “the pocket-size DJ System.” Read about the Pacemaker on their website. Also, check the brief interview> and peep the mix which I’ve embedded below:

00:00 – 03:20: Jasper Street Co. “Temptation (Lead Us Not) Griff-N-Spen Dookey Mix”
03:00 – 04:30: DJ Class “I’m the Ish”
04:30 – 06:00: DJ Class featuring JD & Trey Songz “I’m the Ish” (Remix)
05:00 – 07:37: Boy 8 Bit “Bulbs Burn Out”
07:07 – 11:09: Pase Rock “Get Money Kids (Emynd BuildUpBreakDown Remix)”
10:10 – 14:25: Fedde Le Grand “Get This Feeling – Club Mix”
12:54 – 18:26: Lifelike, Kris Menace “Discopolis – Original Mix”
15:55 – 20:43: Emynd “Deep Down Inside” – Beatsource
19:42 – 28:00: Arno Cost, Norman Doray “Apocalypse – Sebastien Leger Remix”
25:27 – 26:57: Dajae “Everyday My Life – Acapella”
27:34 – 31:12: Pilooski “Send My Baby Back”
30:27 – 36:15: Sebastien Leger “Majuro – Original Mix”
35:16 – 39:10: Sticky People “A Feelin’ – A Spensane Feelin'”
38:45 – 40:07: Deelat “Wetness Anthem”
39:38 – 42:37: SIS “Trompeta” (Emynd’s “Kiss Kiss” Blend)
42:37 – 44:22: Laidback Luke and Tom Stephan ft Romanthony “Show (Bart B More Remix)”
43:38 – 46:40: Scottie B “Niggaz Fightin”
45:24 – 51:36: Diplo “Blow Your Head (DJ Eli Remix)”