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Been wanting to knock out a 90’s hip-hop mix forever. Hard to start because its so intimidating to do a tracklist. My peoples that do the Decades Hat Co. asked me to contribute a mix to commemorate their 19XX hat release, and thats all the motivation I needed. Stoked on this mix. A lot of obvious tracks on here, but a lot of this music is now 20 years old, kind of cool at this point to throw some of the bigger joints on a mix.

Shout out to my Philly peoples The Decades (Brooks and Puggs) for always progressing their hustle and keeping things moving in a positive manner. From FreshMeltWater to this hat thing now I’m happy to know people achieving their goals and putting on for Philly.

Check their website over at and check out all of the other 1st & 15th mixes here for stream and here for download.

1st & 15th Mixcast Volume 39 – Bo Bliz – Crossfaded X The Decades Hat Co. 19XX Mix (Mediafire Download)

Here’s the tracklist:

1. Outkast “Git Up, Git Out”
2. Mic Geronimo “Masta I.C.”
3. Organized Konfusion “Maintain”
4. Funkdoobiest “Rock On”
5. Kool G Rap “Blowin’ Up in the World”
6. Group Home “Suspended in Time”
7. Gang Starr “Words From the Nutcracker”
8. Gang Starr “Soliloquoy of Chaos”
9. Krs-One “MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know”
10. Smif-N-Wessun “Bucktown”
11. O.C. “Word… Life”
12. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth “Lot’s of Lovin'”
13. Common Sense “Resurrection”
14. Beatnuts “No Equal”
15. Da Youngstas “I’ll Make You Famous”
16. GZA/Ghostface/RZA “4th Chamber”
17. Souls of Mischief “Live and Let Live”
18. Redman “Can’t Wait”
19. Mobb Deep “Survival of the Fittest”
20. Notorious B.I.G. “Who Shot Ya”
21. Showbiz & AG “Next Level”
22. Chubb Rock, O.C. & Jeru “Crooklyn Dodgers”
23. Eric B & Rakim “In the Ghetto”
24. Poor Righteous Teachers “Easy Star”
25. Snoop Doggy Dogg “Tha Shiznit”
26. Ice Cube “Check Yo Self”
27. Diamond D and the Psychotic Neurotics “I Went For Mine”
28. The Roots “Do You Want More?!!!?!”
29. Raekwon “Guillotine”
30. Black Moon “Shit iz Real”

Chill Moody on the Come-Up Show (Cosmic Kev)

Its somewhat of a rite of passage for Philly rappers to get their first spot on the Come-Up Show. Chill Moody got his chance to rock it a couple weeks ago and took full advantage of the opportunity. Dude murdered this beat medley. Kev was clearly impressed. Besides being a dope rapper, Chill is a thorough, humble dude. We wish him the best at Crossfaded Bacon.


MMJB, OCD, Jaguar Wright, Emynd & Bo Bliz @ TLA 5/30/11

A couple months ago our Philly peoples Money Making Jam Boys dropped their first official mixtape, “The Prestige” which we’ve been supporting on CFB for a minute. If you don’t have that, grab that here. This shit is super tough and its been getting a lot of run in our cars and ipods. Next Saturday (5/30) they are rocking at the TLA on South St. I am really encouraging all my Philly peoples to come through to this joint, I’m certain they are gonna tear it down, and Emynd & Bo Bliz will be rocking the show early on. To peep this show grab tickets here.

In the next few days, I will be giving out comps for this show for re-tweets on twitter so make sure y’all follow your boy.

Besides MMJB the next generation of Philly rap will be in full force, OCD, who have a new mixtape called “Up Before the World” y’all should check out. Jaguar Wright will also be performing who has an album dropping this summer.



Too Close (90’s RnB Mix) – Bo Bliz

You can stream it at the above link-

Or dl it: HERE!!

Reef the Lost Cauze Mixtape “Raiders of the Lost Art”

Check out reef’s new mixtape done by the homies Benja Stiles and NoPhrillz. Its up at which specializes in all that philly and rap. COP UP!

“Raiders of the Lost Art”


Black Cotton “Something About”

Wassup? My man Trey Peezy hit me up asking me to get the word out about this single called “Something About”. The song is hot so I obliged, the group is called Black Cotton and this is some nice smooth shit to put on early in the night to get the ladies warmed up.

Black Cotton “Something About”


Bo Bliz Present “Reggae Tunes 2010” and Mixtape RE-UPS

Made this so I could listen to some reggae I LIKE down the shore this week. This has a lot of my favorites, some very recognizable, some not. If you follow reggae extremely closely this may not be for you, I went with a lot of classics on this one. As always, shout to Kenny Meez, without him and those Sundays at Filo’s my life would be way different.

Also, by request, I have re-upped a few of my “Best Of” mixes. They are at the bottom of the page. GET EM!!!

Bo Bliz “Reggae Tunes 2010”


Shanty Town Riddim
Capleton “Everybody”
Red Alert Riddim
Buzz Riddim
-Singer J
-Mr. Vegas
-Beenie Man
Egyptian Riddim
-Sean Paul
Blue Steel Riddim
-Bounty Killer
Blackout Riddim
-Wayne Marshall
-Busy Signal
Mavado “Wah Dem a Do”
Shoot Out Riddim
-Buju Banton
Swazzi Riddim
-Busy Signal
-Beenie Man
Mission Riddim
-Damian Marley & Stephen Marley
Splash Riddim
-Busy Signal
Sizzla “Praise Ye Jah”
Doctor’s Darling Riddim
-Tanya Stephens
Damian Marley “Give Dem Some Way”
Tremor Riddim
-Bugle & Demarco
-Wayne Marshall
Busy Signal “Nah Go a Jail Again”
Hard Times Riddim
-I Wayne
Kardinal Offishal “Nina”
Truth and Rights Riddim
-RIchie Spice
Damian Marley & Stephen Marley “It Was Written”
Busy Signal “Gangsta’s Paradise”
Mr. Vegas “Under Mi Sensi” (Emynd Presidential Blend)
Seasons Riddim
-Sean Paul
-Wayne Wonder
Drop Leaf Riddim
-Anthony B
Major Lazer Feat. Turbulence “Anything Goes”
Buju Banton “Champion”
Rodney P “Big Tings”

Bo Bliz “Best of Project Pat”

Bo Bliz “Best of T.I.”

Bo Bliz “Best of Schoolly D”

Bo Bliz “Best of Reef The Lost Cauze”

Best of Jadakiss (Bo Bliz)

I’ve done a few of these “best of” tapes, all to guys deserving of them, guys I kind of wanted to make “highlight reels” of their albums. Not necessarily because the albums weren’t hot or solid or whatever, but just to put all real heat in one place. This Jadakiss is the same concept, and definitely something you can ride to this summer. You can stream it above or download it below.

Bo Bliz presents “Jadakiss” (Mediafire Download)

1. The Champ is Here
2. MIghty D Block
3. Feel Me
4. Still Feel Me
5. We Gon Make It
6. Why?
7. What If?
8. Fuck You
9. All For the Love
10. Air It Out
11. Breathe Easy
12. Wild Out
13. Pain and Torture
14. Scream L.O.X.
15. Smoking Gun
16. By Your Side
17. One More Step
18. I Wanna Think You
19. Recognize
20. Who’s Real
21. Time’s Up
22. Show Discipline
23. Kiss of Death
24. What You So Mad At?
25. Ryde Or Die, Bitch
26. Money Power Respect
27. I Tried
28. The Heist
29. Can’t Stop Me
30. Keep Ya Head Up
31. None of Y’all Betta
32. Put Ya Hands Up

-bo bliz

Big Boi “Shutterbug”

Big Boi’s “Shutterbug”. DAG! This beat is so fresh sounding, so classic sounding, and definitely will get people dancing. Quality music.

Big Boi “Shutterbug” Clean (160)


Skinny Friedman’s “Girls Around The World” Remix

Dope remix I sniped off Skinny Friedman’s soundcloud. I recommend you spend some time on that joint, browse and DL.

Shout to Skinny and POTACHOS.


Girls Around The World (Skinny’s Brick House blend) by Skinny Friedman


Bo Bliz presents: Stevie Wonder Mix 2002

I just re-upped this for Valentine’s Day after hearing someone on my block cuss this chick out until she was crying hysterically. Yes this is old, and yes I’ve prolly posted this before, but as Stevie said, “love’s in need of love today.”

All vinyl, all classics, hot shit.

Bo Bliz Stevie Wonder Mix

Oschino “Appetizer IV”

Thats a lot of Appetizers, but this is the hottest one yet.

I’ve always thought O could be one of the best, and on this mix he really gets it in.

Oschino “Appetizer”

The Weirdos ft. Gillie “Super Crazy Dumb Stupid”

Some philly party ish that doesn’t sound like some regular philly part ish.

The Weirdos (Steezy, Mont Brown, and Daddy O) ft. Gillie “Super Crazy Dumb Stupid” (Mediafire) Produced by Pace-O

[Emynd Edit]: Just added some info above about the rappers in this song. Apparently the Weirdos is Steezy, Mont Brown, and my dog the originator of this “weirdo” shit in Philly, Daddy O (who I’m currently trying to get some work done with). And the dude Pace-O on the simple but crazy beat. I’m really into this song and it’s gaining some steam on Philly radio thanks to Cosmic Kev blasting it on the Come Up show. The thing that’s interesting about this song is that it’s kinda on some faux-Hyphy shit–which is fairly strange since Philly does NOT have a close connection with Bay area rap. I first heard Daddy O about a year ago and he reminded me of a Philly E-40, but I thought it was more a matter of coincidence. Now I’m curious about how deliberate this Hyphy link is, especially with respect to the “dumb,” “stupid,” and “retarded bus” references throughout this song. Anyway, Daddy O is without a doubt one of the most exciting rappers in Philly as far as I’m concerned. Instead of sounding like Jadakiss or Beans like most Philly rappers (often refered to as “Beanie Babies” which is the best term ever), he’s totally carved out his own unique sound. And perhaps what’s most surpising is that folks in Philly are actually ACCEPTING him on his own terms. Shit, dude raps about working at Walmart (which apparently he really does haha) and other random “weird” ish that is often pretty much a no-no in ‘hood circles. Even a conservative ‘hood traditionalist rapper like Oschino is shouting him out(9:10).

If I was betting on any one Philly rapper to make it big time, I’d put my money on Daddy O. Anyway, hopefully I’ma have some material with homie real soon. [/End Emynd Edit]


Silk on Friday

Yup yup yup.

This shit stays good, get in there early and get loose all night.


Beanie Sigel ft. 50 Cent “I Go Off”

Beans sounding hungry on a tough beat with fif on the hook. Not mad.