The Weirdos ft. Gillie “Super Crazy Dumb Stupid”

Some philly party ish that doesn’t sound like some regular philly part ish.

The Weirdos (Steezy, Mont Brown, and Daddy O) ft. Gillie “Super Crazy Dumb Stupid” (Mediafire) Produced by Pace-O

[Emynd Edit]: Just added some info above about the rappers in this song. Apparently the Weirdos is Steezy, Mont Brown, and my dog the originator of this “weirdo” shit in Philly, Daddy O (who I’m currently trying to get some work done with). And the dude Pace-O on the simple but crazy beat. I’m really into this song and it’s gaining some steam on Philly radio thanks to Cosmic Kev blasting it on the Come Up show. The thing that’s interesting about this song is that it’s kinda on some faux-Hyphy shit–which is fairly strange since Philly does NOT have a close connection with Bay area rap. I first heard Daddy O about a year ago and he reminded me of a Philly E-40, but I thought it was more a matter of coincidence. Now I’m curious about how deliberate this Hyphy link is, especially with respect to the “dumb,” “stupid,” and “retarded bus” references throughout this song. Anyway, Daddy O is without a doubt one of the most exciting rappers in Philly as far as I’m concerned. Instead of sounding like Jadakiss or Beans like most Philly rappers (often refered to as “Beanie Babies” which is the best term ever), he’s totally carved out his own unique sound. And perhaps what’s most surpising is that folks in Philly are actually ACCEPTING him on his own terms. Shit, dude raps about working at Walmart (which apparently he really does haha) and other random “weird” ish that is often pretty much a no-no in ‘hood circles. Even a conservative ‘hood traditionalist rapper like Oschino is shouting him out(9:10).

If I was betting on any one Philly rapper to make it big time, I’d put my money on Daddy O. Anyway, hopefully I’ma have some material with homie real soon. [/End Emynd Edit]



  1. Markeeta_Philly says:

    Philly Jus Took It There.!LOL

  2. Whiz says:

    Ay emynd, dont forget Young Chris got a song produced by E40 son Droop-E.

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