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Man, I really stink at self-promotion. My dude Reef The Lost Cauze and I put out a free project on Sunday. Almost 40 minutes of brand-spanking new rap music. I did all the beats and interludes, as well as the mixing/mastering. Reef is obviously on the vocals and lyrics. Really happy with how this came out. Stream it here and download it for free on Reef’s Bandcamp Page

1. Forgive Me, Lord
2. Body Bag
3. One Time
4. Interlude #1
5. Bredrin
6. For The Have-Nots
7. Interlude #2
8. Bundle Up
9. Stop Playing Games ft CAV
10. I’m On My Phone
11. Interlude #3
12. Best I Can


GO GET IT! IT’S FREE! Stream it above and download the continuous mix version here or the individual track version here.

1. Reef ft Slaine & F.T. “F**k Rappers Remix” vs UGK “International Player’s Anthem” (Emynd Blend)
2. Reef “I’m A G” vs Gang Starr “All 4 The Cash” / MOP “Cold As Ice” / Cam’ron “Down n Out” (Emynd Blend Medley)
3. Reef “Brotherhood” vs Styles P “My Life” (Emynd Blend)
4. Reef “High By Myslef” vs Mic Geronimo “Masta IC” (Emynd Blend)
5. Reef ft OJ The Uncanny & King Magnetic “Big Shots” vs Smif N Wessun “Let’s Git it On” / “Wontime” / “Bucktown” (Emynd Blend Medley)
6. Reef “Devil’s Advocate” vs Jay-Z “1-900-Hustler” (Emynd Blend)
7. Reef ft Just Allah & Sicknature “Euthanasia” vs Birdman “What Happened to That Boy” (Emynd Blend)
8. Reef ft Sabac Red & Wise Intelligent “Mount Up” vs Xzibit “Paparazzi” / Pharcyde “Runnin” / Erule “Listen Up” (Emynd Blend Medley)
9. Reef ft Outerspace “Timezones” vs Mobb Deep “Hell On Earth” / “Still Shinin” / “Drop A Gem On Em” (Emynd Blend Medley)
10. Reef “Kill Somebody” vs Cypress Hill “How I Could Just Kill A Man” (Emynd Blend)
11. Reef “Boxcutter Samurai” vs Kool G Rap “On The Run” (Emynd Blend)
12. Reef ft Esoteric “Brain On Drugs” vs Wu-Tang Clan “Uzi” (Emynd Blend)
13. Reef “F**k Rappers” vs Young Jeezy “Put On” (Emynd Blend)
14. Reef “100 Rhymebooks” (Emynd “Cherish The Day” Remix)




The first leak from my upcoming remixes and blends mixtape with Reef the Lost Cauze is available for download! The rest of the mixtape will be available next Monday, March 11! Grab the track now and check back here for the full mixtape!



As many of you may know, we here at Crossfaded Bacon Headquarters are close friends with one of Philly’s finest rappers Reef the Lost Cauze. Dude has been in the game for years and we have contributed beats to several of his albums, making some truly memorable stuff. Reef recently released a free album on Christmas called “REEF THE LOST CAUZE IS DEAD” full of him rapping on flips of somewhat unexpected songs, many of which make for really fun and different material than he has made in the past. You can tell these beats really energized him and made him approach rapping a bit differently than he has done in most of his more popular stuff. We personally really like the album, but even if it’s not entirely your cup of tea, it’s worth a listen if just to appreciate an artist challenging himself to do something a bit different. You can stream the album above or download a free copy of this album on Reef the Lost Cauze’s Bandcamp page but he’ll also be giving some few free CD copies away tomorrow at our first Friday monthly THE BOUNCE (click here for flyer and facebook invite here). We hope y’all enjoy the album and hope to see you tomorrow night at The Bounce as well!



This Saturday, May 26th, our friends at BigBite Philly are very proud to present their 4th Annual Wing King chicken wing competition! Crossfaded Bacon has been a proud sponsor of this event from its inception, and we’re super hype to eat mad wings, drink some delicious brewskis and listen to DJ 2 Tone Jones rock the party. Also, our good friend and official CFB homie Reef the Lost Cauze is hosting the event. It’s destined to be another legendary night in the great city of Philly!

The festivities start at 530PM and the event will take place at The Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum at 3819 Hamilton St in West Philly. Click here for more info or just go on ahead and hit up the Event Brite page to cop tickets now! The BigBite Chili Cook Off hit capacity EARLY, so don’t be afraid to cop your tickets in advance to avoid the long lines!

Lastly, I believe there are a few spots left for competitors so if you can bang out some delicious chicken wings, sign up here and battle for one of the coveted BigBite trophies!

See y’all there!



New album from big homie Reef the Lost Cauze and the snow goons aptly titled YOUR FAVORITE MC. Go cop it on iTunes or Amazon (only $6.99!) right now! Hard rap and boom bap beats. GRAB IT NOW!


1st & 15th Mixes Return Tomorrow!

“No two days are alike, except the first and fifteenth pretty much!!”

Not to be confused with Lupe Fiasco’s Production Company, Crossfaded Bacon is proud to present the triumphant return of the 1st & 15th Mix Series (now entitled the 1st & 15th Mixcast!) tomorrow March 1st with DJ Last Word’s fantastic new-rap-&-original-samples mixtape Somewhere Between Fast Food and Vegan Volume 2 (snippets of which can be heard here and here).

To prep for the mixtape and the return of the series, we’ve gone ahead and uploaded all 22 previous installments of the Mix Series on our Mixcloud page where you can stream each of the mixes in all their glory. If you’re not the streaming type, feel free to download any and all of the mixes RIGHT HERE as well. There’s literally something for everyone as you can see from the diverse discography below.

Thanks in advance for all the support and we’ll see you back on this page every 1st & 15th (but hopefully more often then that)!

Vol 01 – Bo Bliz – Best of TI (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 02 – Emynd – A Bunch of Rap (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 03 – Bo Bliz – Best of Project Pat (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 04 – Emynd – Best of Bmore Club Rap (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 05 – DJ Ayres – Best of Jeezy (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 06 – Bo Bliz – Best of Reef (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 07 – Emynd – A Bunch of R&B (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 08 – Kenny Fiesta – Flo-Ridas Side A (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 09 – Bo Bliz – Club Shit (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 10 – Bobby Analog – Outkast Party Mix (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 11 – Emynd – Best of Bleek (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 12 – DJ Eleven – 50 Minutes of Fresh (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 13 – Bo Bliz – Best of Schoolly D (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 14 – Sal Paradise – Sal’s Live Mixing (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 15 – DJ Apt One – Best of Philly Disco (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 16 – Emynd – Emynd in the Mix #1 (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 17 – Scottie B – Live in Philly (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 18 – Meistro – Crab Chips and Lake Trout (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 19 – Bo Bliz – Summer in Philly (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 20 – Pete Butta – Best of Gucci Mane (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 21 – JD – JD’s Bounce Mix (Stream)(MP3 Download)
Vol 22 – DJ Eleven – Best of MOP (Stream)(MP3 Download)


Reef & Emynd – Dick Needs Goggles

Reef – Dick Needs Goggles (Prod by Emynd) by Emynd

My man Reef and I hooked up this hilarious and fun club rap jam. 808s, claps, syncopated synths and a dick needing goggles. WTF else do you need? I kinda love this shit to be honest. Hope y’all fuck with it too!

Reef the Lost Cauze – “Dick Need Goggles” (Prod by Emynd) (320 Mediafire)


Reef the Lost Cauze Mixtape “Raiders of the Lost Art”

Check out reef’s new mixtape done by the homies Benja Stiles and NoPhrillz. Its up at which specializes in all that philly and rap. COP UP!

“Raiders of the Lost Art”


Bo Bliz Present “Reggae Tunes 2010” and Mixtape RE-UPS

Made this so I could listen to some reggae I LIKE down the shore this week. This has a lot of my favorites, some very recognizable, some not. If you follow reggae extremely closely this may not be for you, I went with a lot of classics on this one. As always, shout to Kenny Meez, without him and those Sundays at Filo’s my life would be way different.

Also, by request, I have re-upped a few of my “Best Of” mixes. They are at the bottom of the page. GET EM!!!

Bo Bliz “Reggae Tunes 2010”


Shanty Town Riddim
Capleton “Everybody”
Red Alert Riddim
Buzz Riddim
-Singer J
-Mr. Vegas
-Beenie Man
Egyptian Riddim
-Sean Paul
Blue Steel Riddim
-Bounty Killer
Blackout Riddim
-Wayne Marshall
-Busy Signal
Mavado “Wah Dem a Do”
Shoot Out Riddim
-Buju Banton
Swazzi Riddim
-Busy Signal
-Beenie Man
Mission Riddim
-Damian Marley & Stephen Marley
Splash Riddim
-Busy Signal
Sizzla “Praise Ye Jah”
Doctor’s Darling Riddim
-Tanya Stephens
Damian Marley “Give Dem Some Way”
Tremor Riddim
-Bugle & Demarco
-Wayne Marshall
Busy Signal “Nah Go a Jail Again”
Hard Times Riddim
-I Wayne
Kardinal Offishal “Nina”
Truth and Rights Riddim
-RIchie Spice
Damian Marley & Stephen Marley “It Was Written”
Busy Signal “Gangsta’s Paradise”
Mr. Vegas “Under Mi Sensi” (Emynd Presidential Blend)
Seasons Riddim
-Sean Paul
-Wayne Wonder
Drop Leaf Riddim
-Anthony B
Major Lazer Feat. Turbulence “Anything Goes”
Buju Banton “Champion”
Rodney P “Big Tings”

Bo Bliz “Best of Project Pat”

Bo Bliz “Best of T.I.”

Bo Bliz “Best of Schoolly D”

Bo Bliz “Best of Reef The Lost Cauze”

Wale ft Gucci & Reef *Pretty Girls* Emynd Remix

Wale ft Gucci Mane and Reef the Lost Cauze “Pretty Girls (Emynd Go-Go Remix)”  by  Emynd

Taken straight from the Do It To It Volume 3 (Click for the awesome artwork!!) that was unveiled at the release party at SXSW, here’s my remix of Wale’s great song with Gucci Mane “Pretty Girls.” I guess the OG is technically on some Go-Go ish, but I made a remix with some more accentuated Go-Go Drums and got my dude Reef the Lost Cauze to kick a new verse.

I’m really happy with it. Hope yall like it! You can purchase this remix and the rest of the CD HERE! It’s great!

Wale ft Gucci Mane & Reef the Lost Cauze “Pretty Girls (Emynd Go-Go Remix)” (320 Mediafire)

Wale ft Gucci Mane & Reef the Lost Cauze “Pretty Girls (Emynd Instrumental)” (320 Mediafire)