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Weird Wednesdays: John Cameron “Swamp Fever”

Classic library track from one of the most sought after KPM Library records. I fucking LOVE this song.

John Cameron “Swamp Fever” (320, Mediafire)


Weird Wednesdays: James Royal “House of Jack”

This James Royal record is one of my favorite funk/soul songs but I can’t say I have any real idea why I love this record so much. I guess it’s just because the horns are dope as fuck, drums are mixed well, and I strangely really love the feel of the vocals. Used to play this song in opening sets all the time and I’m psyched I ripped it to start rocking it again. I also posted Tony Newman’s “Soul Thing” which is fundamentally an instrumental version of “House of Jack” with an organ playing the vocal melody. Love both of these songs. Hope you guys enjoy em too.

James Royal “House of Jack” (320 Mediafire)
Tony Newman “Soul Thing” (200 Mediafire)


Weird Wednesdays: Zapp “Be Alright”

Paying respects to Pac who’s life we celebrate on the anniversary of his death, 9/13. Below I’ve posted the classic Zapp track that was sampled for Pac’s classic “Keep Your Head Up.”

Zapp “Be Alright” (Mediafire, 256 KPS)


Weird Wednesdays: Gene Harris “Losalamitoslatinfunklovesong”

Again, hoping to add to the scope of the material covered on this blog, I’m introducing a series called Weird Wednesdays that’s going to allow me to post whatever fucking random song I want (regardless if it’s really weird or not) on any given Wednesday. I’m starting this shit off with an absolutely grooving slow funk jam “Losalamitoslatinfunklovesong” from Gene Harris’s incredible album “Astral Signal.” Check the youtube above and if you fucks with it, download it below.

Gene Harris “Losalamitoslatinfunklovesong” (Mediafire)