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DANCEHALL BLENDS by jimmy2times

I need to get better at keeping up with my homies’ blogs… Not sure how I missed this ill collection of useful DANCEHALL vs RAP blends by the homie Jimmy 2 Times from the Get Cryphy squad. Check the streams above and download the Zip below!

Jimmy 2 Times – Lick Shots Blend Collection (Mediafire Zip Download)



Just posting this because I’ve gotten a few requests for it behind the scenes. Don’t forget to check Last Word’s Volume 2 of this series. So ill. Last Word’s notes about Volume 1 mix:

A project I did of remixes of Minneapolis rappers music. i.e. Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Carnage. It’s all sample based, and the quality on some of them isn’t the greatest. People have really enjoyed it that copped it back in the day. It also has all the instrumentals.

Hope y’all enjoy it.

Last Word – Somewhere Between Fast Food & Vegan Vol 1 (Mediafire ZIP Download)

1. Big Jess – That Morning
2. Atmosphere – Smart Went Crazy (RYJ Remix)
3. Ernie Rhodes – The Works (Remix)
4. Carnage – Bring The Soul Back Cont.
5. Brother Ali – Original King (RYJ Remix)
6. Ernie Rhodes – I Elevate (Remix.3)
7. Dispute One – Transitional Grammar (Revisited)
8. New MC f. John Mayer – Emo Rap 2
9. Last Word – That morning Inst.
10. Last Word – Smart Went Crazy Inst.
11. Last Word – The Works Inst.
12. Last Word – Bring the Soul Back Cont. Inst.
13. last Word Original King Inst.
14. Last Word – I Elevate Inst.
15. Last Word – Transitional Grammar Inst.
16. Last Word – Emo Rap 2 Inst.