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THINGS WE LIKE: The Best Wedding Invitation Ever

Paper Record Player from kellianderson on Vimeo.

Check out the video above that demonstrates the really awesome wedding invitation for Mike and Karen’s wedding by Kelli Anderson. It’s basically a wedding invitation that transforms into a makeshift paper record player. Pretty amazing. This is what Kelli Anderson had to say about it (but check out the whole blogpost for more details and pics):

I just finished up a really fun project—a paper record player wedding invitation! In the booklet-style invitation, a bit of paper-folding amplifies the sound of a sewing needle moving along the grooves of a flexidisc record. The hand-spun record yields a garbled, but scrutable listening of an original song by the couple. It requires a bit of tinkering and folding —effectively championing the inner science-nerd kid in the recipient. The whole thing serves as an interactive packaging for the song—which can be experienced on the paper record player, unscrewed + set on a regular turntable, or enjoyed online (for the non-nerds and/or audiophiles out there.)


@BigFreedia Azz Everywhere 12″ on @ChaosInTejas Records

Thanks to the fine folks at Chaos in Tejas we are finally blessed with some Big Freedia the Queen Diva on the preferred format of the Gods: VINYL. Order your copy of this 12″ immediately! I’ve linked streaming versions of all the songs on this record below, so if you’re unfamiliar, get familiar. If you are familiar, get to purchasing! The cover art looks dope, too. So hype for this!

A01. Azz Everywhere
Azz Everywhere by Big Freedia

B01. Gin In My System
Gin In My System by Big Freedia

B02. Make Ya Booty Go
Make Ya Booty Go by Big Freedia

B03. I Got The Power
I Got the Power by Big Freedia

Mike 2600 – Extra Large Mix 2

EXTRA LARGE II by Mike 2600

Looky here – it’s the newest EXTRA LARGE mix, put together just for you all live from Mike 2600’s basement in beautiful Northeast Minneapolis! After you rock out to this spectacular mix of dance tunage, go see him and Wezz Winship at the First Avenue Record Room this Friday December 10!

Human League “Being Boiled”
E-40 “Tell Me When To Go (instrumental)”
Raw DMX “Do It to the Funk”
Jade “Don’t Walk Away (Mike 2600 blend)”
Graveleaf “The Crusade (Wax Romeo remix)”
Cameron Paul “Clock Beats”
DJ Day “Kossa”
Jean Buisine “Poids et Mesures”
Pleasure “Let’s Dance”
Doug Surreal & Mike 2600 “The Get It Now”
Michael Jackson “Rock With You (instrumental)”
Eric B & Rakim “Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em (acapella)”
Mike 2600 “Vibes”
Contents Hot “Boombahton”
Dillon Francis & Dave Nada “Brazzer’s Theme”
Pitbull “The Anthem (instrumental)”
Lady Saw “Loser”
Elephant Man “Dis Gone”
Beenie Man “Dance & Killy Dem”
Sean Paul “Hey Ya”
Beenie Man “Yuh Body”
Emynd ft Roundhead “The Most High (Mike 2600 remix)”
Earth Wind & Fire “Brazilian Rhyme”

Jayceeoh – Super 7 Volume 4


If somehow you missed it, this Super 7 is fantastic! Featuring Jayceeoh, U-Tern, Skratch Bastid, Thee Mike B, The Captains of Industry, Ross One, and Cosmo Baker who all come with it! Great listening!

Immense tracklisting after the jump.
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Emynd & Bo Bliz – Dumbin Out

Emynd & Bo Bliz’s new mix presented by Crossfaded Bacon and the fine folks at Uristocrat! We’re really happy with this mix. A fun selection of rap, breaks, blends, rarities and classics. Just mad fun to listen to front to back. Stream it above or download it below. Hope y’all enjoy it!

Crossfaded Bacon & Uristocrat Present:
Emynd & Bo Bliz – Dumbin Out (MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD)

1. Dumbin’ Out Intro
2. Reef – I’m A G vs Young Jeezy – Trapstar
3. Freeway ft Birdman – Follow My Moves
4. Big Boi – Dubbs
5. Wiz Khalifa – The Statement
6. Ramsey Lewis – Sun God
7. Notorious BIG – 10 Crack Commandments vs Claudja Barry – Love for the Sake of Love
8. The Meters – Clap Your Hands
9. Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar (Emynd Bounce Remix ft Lyrikill & Tony Skratchere)
10. Young Jeezy – Circulate
11. Cutty Ranks – The Stopper vs Average White Band – Person to Person
12. Cutty Ranks – Limb By Tung (Skartch Bastid & Cosmo Baker’s Harlem Meets Jamaica Mix)
13. Wayne Wonder – When We Ride
14. Wayne Marshall – Survive the Times
15. 3 Times Dope – Funky Dividends
16. The Dream – Yamaha
17. Rozalla – Everybody’s Free vs Young Jeezy – Put On
18. Usher – There Goes My Baby vs Young Jeezy – Put On
19. 8 Ball & MJG – Don’t Want No Drama (Drankenstein Remix)
20. Alley Boy ft Young Dro – Tall
21. William Bell – Forgot To Be Your Lover
22. Teddy Pendergrass – Love TKO
23. Tyrone Davis – In the Mood
24. Birdman ft Drake – Money To Blow vs Diana Ross – Love Hangover
25. Diano Ross – Love Hangover
26. Gilbere Forte – Black Chukkas vs Yo Gotti – That’s What’s Up
27. A.B.N. – Mmm Hmm
28. Adele – Hometown Glory
29. Big KRIT ft Yelawolf – Hometown Hero (Remix)
30. Curren$y – King Kong
31. Blak Jak – Swervin
32. Usher – Pony vs J. Cole – Lights Please
33. Young Chris – Lights Please Freestyle
34. Oschino ft Meek Mill – Laughin’ At Em
35. Lost Boyz – Love, Peace, & Nappiness
36. Diamond D ft Cru – Hiatus (Remix)
37. Jamie Foxx ft T-Pain – Blame It vs Ramsey Lewis – Betcha By Golly Wow
38. Mariah Carey – Stay The Night
39. Playboy Tre – Welcome Home
40. Jay-Z – Lucky Me
41. Debarge – All This Love
42. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – You Know How To Make Me Feel So Good



When Katrina popped off, the record dork community over at Soulstrut banded together to sell rare records and donate all profits of these records to the relief efforts in New Orleans. I was really happy to take part in both the selling and purchasing of records in that auction, and we raised a significant sum of money for the folks in New Orleans (in the tens of thousands of dollars). It was a really inspiring and productive thing to be a part of, and thankfully in the wake of the Haitian Earthquakes, both Soulstrut and rival record dork website Waxidermy are doing HEATROCKS FOR HAITI auctions again. The rules are slightly different this time around, but if you like records and want to buy and/or sell any on behalf of an excellent cause, please visit either of the sites below and contribute. You’ll have to join each of the messageboards to contribute, but I’d imagine that shouldn’t be too big of a barrier to anyone who really wants to be a part of this.



Weird Wednesdays: John Cameron “Swamp Fever”

Classic library track from one of the most sought after KPM Library records. I fucking LOVE this song.

John Cameron “Swamp Fever” (320, Mediafire)


New Emynd Track on Top Billin Volume 3

From the Top Billin Website:

The third and final episode in the ‘Tales’ saga has been a long time coming and here it finally is. The EP is our favorite so far as we got 3 very special tracks from our international friends and another 3 bangers from within our Helsinki crew.

Philly’s very own Emynd has been a Top Billin affiliate for a while and we’re super happy to have him on this EP. ‘What About Tomorrow’ builds on a timeless 80’s classic, starting off with club style chops and soon progressing into housier territory. This one’s for the ladies, no doubt. Emynd also killed it at our club night here, so go ahead and book him.

Go here to read about the release and download a mix with snippets. Gonna be a dooooooooooooope record! Available now exlcusively RIGHT HERE! GO COP IT



Just got this email regarding from Derrick @ Bustbright, the excellent graphic designer that helped us design The Crossfaded Bacon EP Bo Bliz and I did on Flamin Hotz Records. (As a sidenote, this EP should be available digitally within the next couple weeks!!) Anyway, here’s the email:

Just wanted to let you know the Crossfaded Bacon EP has been accepted by the AIGA for this year’s AIGA 365 collection in the Packaging category. Its actually pretty tight…the AIGA is the big Graphic Design organization in the US and competition is pretty fierce. Last year they only picked one music package, and it was this huge, Wynton Marsalis, history of the French Quarter music deal. There were also only 14 pieces from the packaging category selected among the 300 pieces total last, so its kinda serious to be selected this year.

So copies of the record are gonna end up in the Denver Museum of Art AIGA Design Archive collection, a traveling exhibition, and online for as long as the internet lives at:

I’m pumped this got picked because it was a real collaboration between all of us (not to mention the contributions from Vlad and Michael) and its good to see a really indie label get some shine (honestly, its gonna be in the packaging category, probably next to some expensive beer or wine packaging).

I’m sure you guys are already getting some shine for the music on the release, but its nice to know that Flamin’ Hotz’s whole deal about making sure the packaging is just as tight is getting some play too.

Pretty awesome, yeah? It’s not a fucking Grammy for packaging design or anything, but we’ll save that for the next E&B release.

Thanks dudes for being so cool to work with and for pushing this shit to be as dope as possible.

We’re really excited!


CFCF “You Hear Colours” / “Invitation to Love” 7″

Check the youtube. This is a really dope, limited edition white vinyl record my dudes just put out of the band CFCF that you can cop HERE. Some mellow, melodic rock steez. I’m really into it. COP IT!

Cover art after the jump. » Read more..


I’m posting the “one sheet” for this because I’m too lazy to write more BS. God I hate writing this stuff, but I guess it’s a necessary evil. Anyway, should be up on turntablelab and other fine stores soon. Should be going digital through Unruly in a couple weeks as well.

By the way, the covers look amazing. You can’t tell from this picture, but the cardboard sleeve is a beautiful cityscape photograph of Philly by the extremely talented Michael Penn and the cardboard sleeve will be covered with a plastic sleeve with all the graphics and text, including the drawings of Emynd and Bo Bliz by big homie Vlad from Toronto. Looks and sounds absolutely beautiful.

Big ups to Casi and Dan for putting it together, Derrick at Bustbright for the design, Starkey for the mixing/mastering, and me and Bo for killing it.


“This record is my shit.” — Diplo of Mad Decent
“Bo and E did it again. These cats deliver. Heavyweights in the game.” — Shawn Caesar of Unruly Records
“I love this record.” — Scottie B of Unruly Records

Emynd side:
A1. To All My Haters
A2. Hangin’ On
A3. Rock this Park
A4. Deep Down Inside
A5. Flip It Snap It (Download 320 mp3 here)
Bo Bliz side:
B2. Stick ‘Em Up (Download 320 mp3 here)
B3. This Magic Moment
B4. Go Back

One sheet after the jump…

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Crate Digging: DON’T DO IT!

Super into this ish. Courtesy of Noz on an IM. Given how often I link stuff dude puts me up on, this may as well be his blog these days (except for all the Bmore ish which he hates with a passion).

From Stefan Glerum’s Blog. Click the link for the whole collection in detail, or here for the overview. Below are some of my faves.

South Rakkas “Mad Again (Emynd’s NOLA Bounce Remix)”

Out now on itunes (and I think soon on Turntable Lab’s Digital Section) is my official New Orleans Bounce Remix of the amazing South Rakkas song “Mad Again.” I tried to keep this as traditionally NOLA BOUNCE as possible, rocking the Triggerman bells, the Triggerman breaks, the “WHO!” and the “Alright!” and the “Rock the Beat”/”Brown Beat” drum break. I also sampled vocals from Gotty Boi Chris, Dime Gyrl Drell, and a few others to attempt to give this an authentically N’awlins slant, ya hoird me? Anyone that knows anything about current Bounce music can tell that this ish is HEAVILY influenced by Blaza, Peacachoo, and Took who had a large part in the excellent NOLA Bounce mixtape Shake, Twerk, and Wobble (COP IT!!!). Big shouts to Mr. 604 as well.

You can listen to my remix on THE MYSPACE or on the Crossfaded Bacon 2008 Mix mixed between some more NOLA Bounce.

Shouts to Diplo and the Mad Decent army for putting the young bol on.


Emynd & Bo Bliz “White Ts & White Belts” EP

WTWBs EP Front WTWBs EP Back

High Quality MP3’s of the awesome record Flamin Hotz put out are right HERE.

Download them now and rock your party.

01 Philly Club Anthem — Bo Bliz
02 He Kissed Me Club Theme — Emynd
03 Get F’D Up — Emynd
04 A Bit Patchy Club Theme — Emynd
05 I See Some Thick Jawns — Emynd
06 White Tees and White Belts — Emynd
07 Sizzla Loves It — Bo Bliz
08 I Wanna Be Luchini — Bo Bliz
09 Automatic Head — Emynd & Bo Bliz