New Emynd Track on Top Billin Volume 3

From the Top Billin Website:

The third and final episode in the ‘Tales’ saga has been a long time coming and here it finally is. The EP is our favorite so far as we got 3 very special tracks from our international friends and another 3 bangers from within our Helsinki crew.

Philly’s very own Emynd has been a Top Billin affiliate for a while and we’re super happy to have him on this EP. ‘What About Tomorrow’ builds on a timeless 80’s classic, starting off with club style chops and soon progressing into housier territory. This one’s for the ladies, no doubt. Emynd also killed it at our club night here, so go ahead and book him.

Go here to read about the release and download a mix with snippets. Gonna be a dooooooooooooope record! Available now exlcusively RIGHT HERE! GO COP IT


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