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ESPO Book Signing @ Exit

Go to this if the snow ever stops in Philly.


Bangers & Hammers Volume 2

This past weekend, big homie Steve Milladelphia moved his fine skateshop EXIT to 2nd Street and to help him celebrate his movin’ on up, I put together the second volume of the extremely popular “Bangers & Hammers” mixtape. The concept for “Bangers & Hammers” is simple: make a mixtape of great songs from some of our favorite skate videos. This time, Steve helped me select the songs and I put them together and pressed em to CD to hand out at his grand opening. I believe the CDs will be for sale for extremely cheap over at Exit soon (for like $2 or $3) if you’re interested, but you can also download the full mix for your ipod below. DJ nerds beware, this is by no means a DJ-focused mix–there’s not a whole lot of actual “mixing” (though there is some), and is mostly just a collection of dope songs.

Hope y’all enjoy it!

Crossfaded Bacon and Exit Philadelphia Present
Mixed By Emynd
Compiled by Emynd & Steve Miller


1. M83 “Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun” – Intro – Lakai “Fully Flared”
2. The Faint “Let the Poison Spill from Your Throat” – Paul Shier – Static 2
3. Cymande “Crawshay” – Danny Renaud – Habitat “Mosaic”
4. Mannie Fresh “Real Big” – The French Connection – Lakai “Fully Flared”
5. KRS-One “Outta Here” – Bobby Puleo – Traffic “Moving in Traffic”
6. The Allman Brothers “Midnight Rider” – Kenny Hoyle – Transworld “And Now”
7. Casual “Lose In the End” – Mike Carrol – Plan B “Virtual Reality”
8. Sly & the Family Stone “Underdog” – Montage – Mystery Promo
9. Depeche Mode “Enjoy The Silence” – Brian Anderson and Gino Iannuchi- Nike SB Video
10. Ratatat “Seventeen Years” – Kieth Hufnagel – DVS “Skate More”
11. The Zombies “Time of the Season” – Dan Dreholbl – Transworld “Free Your Mind”
12. Mac Dre “Go Stupid” – Intro – Girl/Anti-Hero “Beauty and the Beast”
13. King Diamond “One Down Two To Go” – Alex Olsen – Lakai “Fully Flared
14. The Descendents “Good Good Things” – Tom Asta and Kyle Fredricks – Focus video
15. Gang of Four “Damaged goods” – Daniel Shimizu – Foundation “That’s Life”
16. Cam’ron “Wet Wipes” – Lizard King and Theotis Beasley Baker – Baker “Has a Deathwish”
17. Fugazi “Smallpox Champion” – Matt Mumford – Transworld “The Reason”
18. Canned Heat “On the Road Again” – Fred Gall – Sub Zero “Real Life”
19. State Property “Don’t Realize” – Stevie Williams – DC Video

CD jacket graphics after the jump.

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Bunch O’ Stuff for Jan/Feb

First things first, my man Wayne has been killing it lately over on his always wonderful blog Wayne And Wax with several really well-written and thoughtful posts about Post-“A Milli” Beats and Stevie Wonder’s CHOICE to use autotune. If you’re not checking his blog on a daily basis, you’re doing your daily routine a severe disservice. And he shouts us out, which is always nice and appreciated.

Second things second, we’re not DJing this weekend which is extremely WTF because we’ve been so damn busy lately, so I’m taking this opportunity to go see one of my favorite artists Romanthony up in NY with Pink Skull and Hug Mode. Stop by Love and say hi. I will be the best dressed bearded man in the building.

Third things third, I’m doing a solo gig in Cleveland next Friday, January 23rd. If you’re in Ohio, I strongly suggest you come through and rock with your boy. I’m finna kill it something surrious.

Friday, January 23rd
Cleveland, Ohio
*LeBOOM @ The Mercury Lounge*
Emynd with William Russell

Open Bar from 9:30 – 11

Then I’m back to Philly to rock the It’s the Year 1998 at Johnny Brenda’s with the help of our fine friends at These parties have been super crazy. Expect nothing but the best songs of 1998 and look for some press next week in local Philly media.

Saturday, January 24th
Philadelphia, PA & Crossfaded Bacon Present
*IT’S THE YEAR 1998 @ Johnny Brenda’s”
w/ DJs Emynd & Bo Bliz

Playing Bangers from ‘98
10PM – 2AM

Then Saturday January 31st, Bo and I are in San Francisco with Dave Nada for Serg’s FACE DOWN ASS UP warehouse party. Should be absolutely BUCK WILD:

Saturday, January 31st
San Francisco, CA
Dave Nada, Emynd & Bo Bliz, Joe Banks, and Kirin Rider

Latenight Warehouse jump-off
Get on the list to get the secret location HERE

And finally, first Friday, February 6th, we’re back at our favorite party, THE BOUNCE @ the Barbary with big homie LLOYDKSI to rock with us.

Friday, February 6th
Philadelphia PA
*The BOUNCE @ The Barbary*
Emynd & Bo Bliz w/ special guest LLOYDSKI

9PM – 2AM
Free PBR & Vodka from 9-11
$5 Cover after 10

And just so I’m not just talking about myself in this silly post, hit up Exit Skateshop this weekend for a monstrous MLK day sale.


Andy Roy

We here at Crossfaded Bacon (Bo and I) grew up skate rats. Like most kids our age, we had dreams of switchflip backside tailsliding huge ledges a nd worshiped street dudes like Koston, Penny, Mariano, Pepe Martinez, Ricky Oyola, etc more often than we dreamt about finding sick lines through FDR. But, even though we were street/tech dorks, we still held some appreciation for a select few “daggers”/”heshers.” High on the list were folks like John Cardiel, Jason Adams, and Chris Senn. That crazy mo’ fo’ Andy Roy was pretty well respected as well. I had the pleasure of seeing dude skate in person a couple times when I lived in San Jose. The first and most memorable time was when he came through with John Cardiel and a couple friends to session my boy Jesse Erickson’s mini-ramp. Cardiel and Roy were both killing it, and the thing I remember the most about that day is when Andy Roy was trying to jump off my friends trampoline into the mini-ramp. Strangely, I don’t remember if he actually landed it (I’m pretty sure he didn’t), but I remember seeing the sequence for it in Thrasher so I’m pretty sure he went back and did it a couple weeks later.

Anyway, here’s a funny/disturbing interview with him in Big Brother jacked from the awesome site BOBSHIRT.

Apparently, he’s offering skateboard lessons on craigslist as well. Woah.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Check the VIMBY video of White T’s

yeah man. no footage from an actual white t’s party at the arts garage, but we love the love.also, me and emil started skating again. because of this, i was peeping some youtube footage of skaters. now, i haven’t really watched a skate video for a good 7 years. its pretty hard to believe how good people are now. my question is this… how much longer can the level of skating continue to be raised? besides competition, i don’t really know what is making switch kickflip backside nosebluntslides possible? whatever. anyway, my boy pete eldridge is fucking sick and way better than when i used to skate with him ten years ago(not surprisingly). here is some sick footage of him i was checking out. he kills switchstance and still has that dope, smooth, style.

one of the best parts about my 20’s has been me being able to see so many of my old friends succeed in shit they WANTED to do. life can’t get much better. I SEE YOU PETE!!!


i hope i survive next weekend.

Big Brother Issue #1

Somebody was nice enough to scan the entire issue of Big Brother #1 and post it as a PDF for our viewing pleasure on this here internets. You can download it or view it HERE.

For those that don’t know about Big Brother, here’s the basic story from the Big Brother entry on wikipedia:

Big Brother was a skateboarding magazine founded by Steve Rocco, which was notable for ushering in street skating and promoting Rocco brands and companies Rocco favored. No subject was taboo. Early articles featured step by step ways to commit suicide and rip off schemes such as how to make a fake ID. They would often use odd gimmicks like printing the magazine in different sizes, packaging it in a cereal box, and throwing in items like trading cards and a cassette tape. Early writers were Sean Cliver, Earl Parker (Thomas Schmidt) Jeff Tremaine, Marc Mckee, Mike Ballard, Pat Canale, and others. They also released a few videos with a few Jackass-esque stunts and pranks, but the videos were mostly skateboarding-oriented.

It contained mostly articles about skateboarding, as well as nudity, stunts, and random ramblings from its staff. Its later days were characterized by the clever wordplay of editors Dave Carnie and Chris Nieratko. The magazine was purchased by Larry Flynt in 1997. After Flynt began publishing the magazine, ironically the nudity was toned down or scrapped altogether, though the vulgarity remained.

In one of the most bizarre episodes of the magazine’s history, the subscriber list for Big Brother got mixed up with one of Larry Flynt’s hardcore magazines – Taboo. Subscribers were sent pornography, and those who subscribed to Taboo got a skate magazine. This incident was parodied on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in which one of the band members was delivered an issue of Big Brother live on stage, suggesting that he subscribed to Taboo and received it in error.

The magazine was unexpectedly dropped by Larry Flynt publications in February 2004.


Additionally, more Steve Rocco related news, the movie “The Man Who Souled the World” is a documentary about Steve Rocco featuring interviews with Steve Rocco himself and a whole bunch of skaters from the era, from Danny Way to Ryan Sheckler. The Hundreds website has a brief little piece that expresses pretty much the same feelings I have towards Rocco, namely these lines:

He made our modern day skate heroes, and then he made them his enemies. But love him or hate him, I have a great deal of respect for the empire he built and the rules that he broke.

Anyway, peep the trailer HERE.