Bangers & Hammers Volume 2

This past weekend, big homie Steve Milladelphia moved his fine skateshop EXIT to 2nd Street and to help him celebrate his movin’ on up, I put together the second volume of the extremely popular “Bangers & Hammers” mixtape. The concept for “Bangers & Hammers” is simple: make a mixtape of great songs from some of our favorite skate videos. This time, Steve helped me select the songs and I put them together and pressed em to CD to hand out at his grand opening. I believe the CDs will be for sale for extremely cheap over at Exit soon (for like $2 or $3) if you’re interested, but you can also download the full mix for your ipod below. DJ nerds beware, this is by no means a DJ-focused mix–there’s not a whole lot of actual “mixing” (though there is some), and is mostly just a collection of dope songs.

Hope y’all enjoy it!

Crossfaded Bacon and Exit Philadelphia Present
Mixed By Emynd
Compiled by Emynd & Steve Miller


1. M83 “Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun” – Intro – Lakai “Fully Flared”
2. The Faint “Let the Poison Spill from Your Throat” – Paul Shier – Static 2
3. Cymande “Crawshay” – Danny Renaud – Habitat “Mosaic”
4. Mannie Fresh “Real Big” – The French Connection – Lakai “Fully Flared”
5. KRS-One “Outta Here” – Bobby Puleo – Traffic “Moving in Traffic”
6. The Allman Brothers “Midnight Rider” – Kenny Hoyle – Transworld “And Now”
7. Casual “Lose In the End” – Mike Carrol – Plan B “Virtual Reality”
8. Sly & the Family Stone “Underdog” – Montage – Mystery Promo
9. Depeche Mode “Enjoy The Silence” – Brian Anderson and Gino Iannuchi- Nike SB Video
10. Ratatat “Seventeen Years” – Kieth Hufnagel – DVS “Skate More”
11. The Zombies “Time of the Season” – Dan Dreholbl – Transworld “Free Your Mind”
12. Mac Dre “Go Stupid” – Intro – Girl/Anti-Hero “Beauty and the Beast”
13. King Diamond “One Down Two To Go” – Alex Olsen – Lakai “Fully Flared
14. The Descendents “Good Good Things” – Tom Asta and Kyle Fredricks – Focus video
15. Gang of Four “Damaged goods” – Daniel Shimizu – Foundation “That’s Life”
16. Cam’ron “Wet Wipes” – Lizard King and Theotis Beasley Baker – Baker “Has a Deathwish”
17. Fugazi “Smallpox Champion” – Matt Mumford – Transworld “The Reason”
18. Canned Heat “On the Road Again” – Fred Gall – Sub Zero “Real Life”
19. State Property “Don’t Realize” – Stevie Williams – DC Video

CD jacket graphics after the jump.

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