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It’s The Year 1994 Bangers & Blends Mix by @Emynd

To all my Philly heads, do NOT forget that this Saturday, we are back again for another edition of It’s The Year this time bringing you all the 1994 goodness you can handle. If you’re not aware of our ongoing It’s The Year Parties with, it’s really simple: we pick a year and play ONLY SONGS FROM THAT YEAR. I put together a fun mix of classic bangers and original blends of songs from 1994 to help y’all get ready to party with us this Saturday. Check the Facebook Invite for more info on this Saturday’s party, otherwise, stream the mix above or download it for your mp3 device. See y’all Saturday and thanks again for all the support!

It’s The Year 1994 Bangers & Blends – Mixed by Emynd (Mp3 Download)

01. Ini Kamoze – Here Comes The Hot Stepper (Murderer)
02. Ini Kamoze vs Heavy D – Here Comes The Hot Stepper vs Nuttin But Love (Emynd Blend)
03. Heavy D – Nuttin But Love
04. Heavy D vs Gang Starr ft Nice & Smooth – Nuttin But Love vs DWYCK (Emynd Blend)
05. Gang Starr vs Shanice – DWYCK vs Somewhere (Emynd Blend)
06. A Tribe Called Quest vs Shanice – Electric Relaxation vs Somewhere (Emynd Blend)
07. A Tribe Called Quest vs Damion Hall – Electric Relaxation vs Do Me Like… (Emynd Blend)
08. A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation
09. Patti LaBelle – The Right Kinda Lover (Def Jef Remix)
10. Beastie Boys ft Q-Tip – Get It Together
11. Joe Public – Easy Come Easy Go
12. Beatnuts – Fried Chicken
13. Beatnuts vs Jade – Fried Chicken vs Every Day Of The Week (Emynd Blend)
14. Black Moon – Buck Em Down (Beatminerz Remix)
15. Black Moon vs Blackgirl – Buck Em Down vs Blackgirl (Emynd Blend)
16. Snoop Dogg – What’s My Name
17. Public Enemy – Give It Up
18. SWV ft Michael Jackson – Right Here
19. Gang Starr – Code Of The Streets
20. Gang Starr vs Brownstone – Code Of The Streets vs I Can’t Tell You Why (Emynd Blend)
21. Craig Mack ft Notorious BIG – Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)
22. Mary J Blige – Be Happy
23. Aaliyah – Back and Forth
24. Lady of Rage ft Snoop Dogg – Afro Puffs
25. TLC – Creep
26. Group Home vs Brownstone – Supa Star vs Pass The Lovin (Emynd Blend)
27. Group Home – Supa Star
28. Black Moon – I Got’cha Open
29. Megabanton – Sound Boy Killing Remix
30. Outkast – Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
31. Notorious BIG – Juicy (Emynd 90s Blend Medley)
32. 2Pac – Keep Ya Head Up

It’s The Year 2001 Bangers & Blends Mix by @Emynd

If you live in Philly, surely you know by now about Emynd & Bo Bliz’s epic ongoing It’s The Year Parties with that have been setting Philly off for exactly 4 years this month. The format is simple: pick a year and play ONLY SONGS FROM THAT YEAR. For some years, this is more challenging than others, but on the whole, the party has been and continues to be a fantastic success that attracts a wide variety of folks from all walks of life and ages. We’re extremely proud of this party and genuinely love doing it every couple months.

As a bit of a celebration of our 4 year anniversary, and just because I felt like doing a mix, I put together this mix of songs from 2001 to help y’all get ready to party with us this Saturday. Check the Facebook Invite for more info on this Saturday’s party, otherwise, stream the mix above or download it for your mp3 device. See y’all Saturday and thanks again for all the support!

It’s The Year 2001 Bangers & Blends – Mixed by Emynd (Mp3 Download)

01. Capone N Noreaga – Invincible
02. Capone N Noreaga vs Aaliyah – Invincible vs Rock The Boat (Emynd Blend)
03. Master P ft 5th Ward Weebie – Ooohhhwee
04. Hot Boys – I Need A Hot Girl
05. Hot Boys vs TI ft Beenie Man – I Need A Hot Girl vs I’m Serious (Emynd Blend)
06. Jagged Edge ft Nelly – Where The Party At
07. Jagged Edge vs 3lw – Where The Party At vs My Own (Emynd Blend)
08. Jay-Z vs Ludacris – Jigga vs Fatty Girl (Emynd Blend)
09. Jay-Z – Jigga
10. Nelly vs Jadakiss – Ride With Me vs Put Your Hands Up (Emynd Blend)
11. Nelly – Ride With Me
12. Faith Evans ft Freeway, P. Diddy – Just Burnin’
13. Busta Rhymes – What It Is
14. Busta Rhymes vs Nate Dogg – What It Is vs I Got Love (Emynd Blend)
15. Wu-Tang – Uzi (Pinky Ring)
16. Wu-Tang vs Mya – Uzi vs Case of the Ex (Emynd Blend)
17. Bilal ft Jadakiss – Fast Lane Remix
18. Bilal vs Nelly – Fast Lane vs Number 1 (Emynd Blend)
19. Beanie Sigel vs Nelly – Beanie vs Number 1 (Emynd Blend)
20. Beanie Sigel – Beanie (Mack B*tch)
21. P. Diddy – Bad Boy For Life
22. P. Diddy vs Jay-Z – Bad Boy For Life vs H to the Izzo (Emynd Blend)
23. Mary J Blige vs Foxy Brown ft Cham – Family Affair vs Tables Will Turn (Emynd Blend)
24. Mary J Blige ft Jadakiss, Fabolous – Family Affair Remix
25. Royce da 5’9 vs Mary J Blige – Boom vs Family Affair (Emynd Blend)
26. Usher – U Remind Me
27. Usher vs Kenny Lattimore – U Remind Me vs Weekend (Emynd Blend)

Upcoming Emynd & Bo Bliz Shenaningans

Friday April 3rd: THE BOUNCE @ The Barbary
Emynd & Bo Bliz w/ Sammy Slice
Club Bangers all night!
9-11 Free PBR and Skate Videos!

Saturday April 11th: IT’S THE YEAR 1988 @ Johnny Brenda’s
Emynd & Bo Bliz
Playing strictly bangers from ’88

Friday April 17th: HUSTLE UP @ The Urban
Emynd & Bo Bliz
Hip-Hop, Soul, Disco, & Funk


1998 – You Got Your Wu-Tang in My Outkast

Man, y’all can sit up here all quiet and whatnot just because it’s 4:30 and you can’t take much more of the work week, but I’ve already mentally checked out of this piece and into a 1998 state of mind. As always I’ve been prepping myself for the gems that Emynd and Bo Bliz are about to drop on Saturday, and since it’s my thing to bring the throwbacks I’m gonna have to steal a little of their thunder by reminding folks about Outkast’s “Skew It on The Bar-B,” my favorite track from 1998’s Aquemini. The video quality is kind of garbage but Wu Tang and Outkast is like chocolate and peanut butter. Delish.

GYEAH!! Pics from the 1993 Party…

This is how we do. It was a ridiculous night and we’ll be back in January with 1998.


Thanks to 215HipHop and eybody that came out.

Thanksgiving Eve & Emynd in London

Man, we just got back from Stockholm and Helsinki this weekend and we officiall CRUSHED that sh*t. Such a fun weekend. Big ups to Stefski, Agge, and the Top Billin’ boys for putting us on and allowing us to destroy their clientele with a whole crapload of Bmore, hip-hop, and house. Truly a fantastic weekend.

The madness continues as we’re back stateside this Wednesday in Philly where we are doing our next installment of “It’s The Year…” at Johnny Brenda’s with “IT’S THE YEAR 1993“! Should be an absolute rager. Click the flyer for more info:

And on Thursday, Emynd is heading back to Europe to rock out with The Count & Sinden in London town at On The Rocks. It’s going to be an officially WILD affair. Click the flyer for more details.

See y’all there!

Lastly, if you haven’t seen or heard it yet, here’s Emynd’s new track with Young Chris from Rocafella and Def Jam that can be downloaded HERE.


It’s The Year… 1996! Saturday at JB’s!

This Saturday, Emynd and Bo Bliz are back with their “IT’S THE YEAR…” party in conjunction with 215HIPHOP.COM for IT’S THE YEAR 1996! Obviously, we’ll be playing a ton of jams from 1996 and it’s going to be a hella fun trip through memory-lane. If you were at the 2000 jawn, you know how awesome this is going to be. All the big club joints from the year and some lesser known classics.

10PM to 2AM and only $5. Upstairs at Johnny Brenda’s which is a great venue with incredible sound and a really good selection of beer—from cheap PBR cans, to a wide selection of drafts.

Also, first 50 people through the door will get a free 1996 inspired T-Shirt we made specially for this occasion!

Feel free to dress the part as well and rock some gear you were rocking in High School! I’m rocking Hilfiger, some timbs, and fatigues…

Let’s goooooo!!!