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Imaginary Foundation

I’m generally not swept up in name brands but this one has had me pretty focused. The Imaginary Foundation is a San Francisco based clothing company that is founded on the understanding that the “imagination is fundamental to all learning” and that participation in making art, of all mediums, is a way to integrate vision, materials, structure, and imagery.Basically, the imagination pushes everything forward, and they use thoughtful design to articulate that vision. Plus, whatever new school printing process that they use makes the colors stooopid vibrant making the 30$ price point worth the damage. Learn and see more here:

If the gear is a little too new age hippy for you, you can bang this while you put creases in your Dickies…

Billy Danz from M.O.P. Feat. Busta -Undescribable


some dude posted this on October 16th, 2008 @ 12:27:18 am
cops just chased a snowmobile the wrong way up 4th street. sparks were flying everywhere. they weren’t even trying to catch him, they were yelling GO PHILS!

Crossfaded Bacon Matt Stairs T-shirts coming soon: