Andy Roy

We here at Crossfaded Bacon (Bo and I) grew up skate rats. Like most kids our age, we had dreams of switchflip backside tailsliding huge ledges a nd worshiped street dudes like Koston, Penny, Mariano, Pepe Martinez, Ricky Oyola, etc more often than we dreamt about finding sick lines through FDR. But, even though we were street/tech dorks, we still held some appreciation for a select few “daggers”/”heshers.” High on the list were folks like John Cardiel, Jason Adams, and Chris Senn. That crazy mo’ fo’ Andy Roy was pretty well respected as well. I had the pleasure of seeing dude skate in person a couple times when I lived in San Jose. The first and most memorable time was when he came through with John Cardiel and a couple friends to session my boy Jesse Erickson’s mini-ramp. Cardiel and Roy were both killing it, and the thing I remember the most about that day is when Andy Roy was trying to jump off my friends trampoline into the mini-ramp. Strangely, I don’t remember if he actually landed it (I’m pretty sure he didn’t), but I remember seeing the sequence for it in Thrasher so I’m pretty sure he went back and did it a couple weeks later.

Anyway, here’s a funny/disturbing interview with him in Big Brother jacked from the awesome site BOBSHIRT.

Apparently, he’s offering skateboard lessons on craigslist as well. Woah.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


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