Check the VIMBY video of White T’s

yeah man. no footage from an actual white t’s party at the arts garage, but we love the love.also, me and emil started skating again. because of this, i was peeping some youtube footage of skaters. now, i haven’t really watched a skate video for a good 7 years. its pretty hard to believe how good people are now. my question is this… how much longer can the level of skating continue to be raised? besides competition, i don’t really know what is making switch kickflip backside nosebluntslides possible? whatever. anyway, my boy pete eldridge is fucking sick and way better than when i used to skate with him ten years ago(not surprisingly). here is some sick footage of him i was checking out. he kills switchstance and still has that dope, smooth, style.

one of the best parts about my 20’s has been me being able to see so many of my old friends succeed in shit they WANTED to do. life can’t get much better. I SEE YOU PETE!!!


i hope i survive next weekend.

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  1. taliesin says:

    thanks for the positivity… that shit be lacking these days

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