@BigFreedia Azz Everywhere 12″ on @ChaosInTejas Records

Thanks to the fine folks at Chaos in Tejas we are finally blessed with some Big Freedia the Queen Diva on the preferred format of the Gods: VINYL. Order your copy of this 12″ immediately! I’ve linked streaming versions of all the songs on this record below, so if you’re unfamiliar, get familiar. If you are familiar, get to purchasing! The cover art looks dope, too. So hype for this!

A01. Azz Everywhere
Azz Everywhere by Big Freedia

B01. Gin In My System
Gin In My System by Big Freedia

B02. Make Ya Booty Go
Make Ya Booty Go by Big Freedia

B03. I Got The Power
I Got the Power by Big Freedia

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  1. this iz tha shit now everbody can make them girlz shake

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