South Rakkas “Mad Again (Emynd’s NOLA Bounce Remix)”

Out now on itunes (and I think soon on Turntable Lab’s Digital Section) is my official New Orleans Bounce Remix of the amazing South Rakkas song “Mad Again.” I tried to keep this as traditionally NOLA BOUNCE as possible, rocking the Triggerman bells, the Triggerman breaks, the “WHO!” and the “Alright!” and the “Rock the Beat”/”Brown Beat” drum break. I also sampled vocals from Gotty Boi Chris, Dime Gyrl Drell, and a few others to attempt to give this an authentically N’awlins slant, ya hoird me? Anyone that knows anything about current Bounce music can tell that this ish is HEAVILY influenced by Blaza, Peacachoo, and Took who had a large part in the excellent NOLA Bounce mixtape Shake, Twerk, and Wobble (COP IT!!!). Big shouts to Mr. 604 as well.

You can listen to my remix on THE MYSPACE or on the Crossfaded Bacon 2008 Mix mixed between some more NOLA Bounce.

Shouts to Diplo and the Mad Decent army for putting the young bol on.


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