Just got this email regarding from Derrick @ Bustbright, the excellent graphic designer that helped us design The Crossfaded Bacon EP Bo Bliz and I did on Flamin Hotz Records. (As a sidenote, this EP should be available digitally within the next couple weeks!!) Anyway, here’s the email:

Just wanted to let you know the Crossfaded Bacon EP has been accepted by the AIGA for this year’s AIGA 365 collection in the Packaging category. Its actually pretty tight…the AIGA is the big Graphic Design organization in the US and competition is pretty fierce. Last year they only picked one music package, and it was this huge, Wynton Marsalis, history of the French Quarter music deal. There were also only 14 pieces from the packaging category selected among the 300 pieces total last, so its kinda serious to be selected this year.

So copies of the record are gonna end up in the Denver Museum of Art AIGA Design Archive collection, a traveling exhibition, and online for as long as the internet lives at:

I’m pumped this got picked because it was a real collaboration between all of us (not to mention the contributions from Vlad and Michael) and its good to see a really indie label get some shine (honestly, its gonna be in the packaging category, probably next to some expensive beer or wine packaging).

I’m sure you guys are already getting some shine for the music on the release, but its nice to know that Flamin’ Hotz’s whole deal about making sure the packaging is just as tight is getting some play too.

Pretty awesome, yeah? It’s not a fucking Grammy for packaging design or anything, but we’ll save that for the next E&B release.

Thanks dudes for being so cool to work with and for pushing this shit to be as dope as possible.

We’re really excited!


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