When Katrina popped off, the record dork community over at Soulstrut banded together to sell rare records and donate all profits of these records to the relief efforts in New Orleans. I was really happy to take part in both the selling and purchasing of records in that auction, and we raised a significant sum of money for the folks in New Orleans (in the tens of thousands of dollars). It was a really inspiring and productive thing to be a part of, and thankfully in the wake of the Haitian Earthquakes, both Soulstrut and rival record dork website Waxidermy are doing HEATROCKS FOR HAITI auctions again. The rules are slightly different this time around, but if you like records and want to buy and/or sell any on behalf of an excellent cause, please visit either of the sites below and contribute. You’ll have to join each of the messageboards to contribute, but I’d imagine that shouldn’t be too big of a barrier to anyone who really wants to be a part of this.



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