Baltimore Club in the New Yorker

Not sure why SFJ hollered at my dumb ass to contribute some comments on Baltimore Club (possibly because he didn’t have a link to a more reliable source than me?) in his latest blog post, but I’m not about to turn down an opportunity to wax poetic about Baltimore Club Music… even if it’s controversial! Anyway, go read his piece and maybe hit us with some comments. Also, go support that DJ Sega CD. Shit bangs.

Big ups to everyone making Baltimore Club music… even if it sucks.


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  1. DJG33KD0UT says:

    Haha, that’s crazy. Never thought I’d see the New Yorker do a piece on Party music (not that I really read NewYorker anyway ha), but I guess it makes sense.

    I should prolly read the article before commenting, but it’s still tight you got interviewed!

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