Brother Reade *DRAMA EP* Available NOW!

Today, December 22nd marks the release date of Crossfaded Bacon’s newest release, *THE DRAMA EP* by North-Carolinian-turned -LA-Transplants BROTHER READE. I’ve posted a promo youtube above with a snippet of each song (and click after the jump to peep full length Youtubes videos of each song) but this is the first of many Hip-Hop releases soon to come on CFB. As usual, genre-limitations are busted open on this release as the production infuses elements and influences as far reaching as Dub Step, traditional Southern Rap, Big Room House, and that True School Boom Bap Rap while vocalist Jams F. Kennedy weaves his way through each beat. Featuring remixes by Emynd, Scott Matelic, and new CFB signee Them Jeans, we’re all really excited about this EP.

Today, we’re sharing Brother Reade’s original “Southern Boy” mix as well as Emynd’s “Southern Man Remix” and we invite you to blog and distribute these two songs freely.

Brother Reade “Southern Boy (Original Mix)” (320 Mediafire)

Brother Reade “Southern Boy (Emynd’s Southern Man Remix)” (320 Mediafire)

The entire EP can be purchased at the following locations:
Turntable Lab

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Check after the jump for full Youtube videos.

01. Brother Reade – Drama

02. Brother Reade – Impala

03. Brother Reade – Southern Boy

04. Brother Reade – Drama (Emynd Remix)

05. Brother Reade – Impala (Scott Matelic Remix)

06. Brother Reade – Southern Boy (Them Jeans Remix)

07. Brother Reade – Southern Boy (Emynd Southern Man Remix)


  1. i love cooooool things! says:

    hooooooray hipsters!!!

  2. emynd says:

    Go hipster go hipster go.

  3. Big Dope P says:

    That Release is awesome !

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