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Scott Matelic is here.

Scotty Matelic

What’s good, party peoples? My name is Scott Matelic, a recent Brooklyn transplant from Indianapolis, Indiana. I’m a DJ/Producer/record collector who has decided to join the ranks of the CFB blogging crew. I figured I would hit you all off with a track of some sort, and so here it is–a quick and shortened revamp of M.O.P.’s classic “Ante Up.” Obviously, nothing tops the original version, but I like the idea of hip hop acappellas over UBB style breaks–and these are two of my favorites (Gaz “Sing Sing” and Banbarra “Shack Up”). Plus, the tempo adjustment allows you to slip it into sets that were formerly “non-M.O.P bpm friendly”.

Have at it.


Ante Up (Scott Matelic’s Disco Break Mix) by Scott Matelic

Deep Sang Warner Brothers Disco Mix

Deep Sang – Warner Bros. Tribute Mix for by Deep Sang

“This is a tribute mix to one of my favorite disco labels of all time, Warner Bros., that I made for Marcus Dowling’s music/culture blog, Most of these are big time classics, but I’ve tried to throw in a few surprises from WB subsidiaries like RFC, Whitfield, and Curtom as well. It’s always a tough thing to make a tribute mix for a label like WB that had so many hits, so I can’t call this a “best of,” but it’s definitely got a lot of my favorites on it. Hope yall like the tunes, and if you’re on soundcloud don’t forget to leave a comment telling me how awesome/wack you think it is!” – Deep Sang

1. New Birth…Deeper
2. Chaka Khan…Some Love
3. Ashford and Simpson…Stay Free (Dimitri’s Edit)
4. Linda Clifford…Runaway Love
5. Lamont Dozier…Going Back to My Roots
6. Ashford and Simpson…It Seems to Hang On
7. Love Deluxe…Here Comes That Sound
8. Candi Station… When You Wake Up Tomorrow
9. Eumir Deodato…Whistle Bump
10. Mighty Pope…Sweet Blindness
11. Undisputed Truth…You + Me = Love
12. Stargard…Wear It Out
13. Ashford and Simpson…One More Try (Dimitri’s Edit)
14. Prince…Just As Long As We’re Together
15. Miroslav Vitous…New York City
16. Sly & The Family Stone…Remember Who You Are


Koobra vs R Kelly

Koobra “Thrills” vs R Kelly “Be My #2” (Emynd Blend) SOUNDCLOUD and 320 MEDIAFIRE

Quick blend I did of Top Billin’s recent release by Koobra and R. Kelly’s stomping jam “Be My #2.” I bumped the R. Kelly vocals up half a step to get it in key with the Koobra cut, and I think this shit sounds pretty damn perfect. Hope y’all enjoy!!


Summer Shots Blends

2 of the blends from my Summer Shots mix that I posted yesterday.

U-Tern “Style, Class, Flair” (Emynd “Money To Blow” Blend) by Emynd

U-Tern “Style, Class, Flair” (Emynd “Money To Blow” Blend) (Mediafire)

French Fries “Senta” (Emynd Mighty Quinn Piano Edit) by Emynd

French Fries “Senta” (Emynd Mighty Quinn Piano Edit) (Mediafire)


Mike 2600 *READY TO ROCK EP* Available Now!

Today marks the release date of another fantastic release on our lil’ ol’ label here at Crossfaded Bacon HQ. This time we’re taking it back to them Old School Disco Party Breaks with Mike 2600’s *READY TO ROCK EP*. Mike himself created the hilarious and fun Promo video above of the title track on the EP, and I think it gives you a great indication of what this EP is all about with its Old School party vibes and editing. As you’ll notice quickly, each of the original songs on *Ready To Rock* are very clearly inspired by the innovative cut & paste mixes of Double Dee & Steinski, the Disco Rap aesthetic embodied by labels like West End and Enjoy Records, the spaced-out disco sounds of Cloud One, and even the raw sounds of ’60s garage and psych rock. If you didn’t already know, Mike 2600 is already a well known figure amongst some of the world’s biggest DJs (organizing the annual DO IT TO IT party at SXSW and helps compile the accompanying vinyl EP featuring remixes from DJs like Tittsworth, Dave Nada from Nadastrom, Crossfaded Bacon’s Emynd, and Bird Peterson) this is his first official solo release. Accompanied by exclusive remixes from CFB boys Emynd and Scott Matelic, we’re really proud to introduce Mike 2600 to the rest of the world with another CFB release that will sound fresh whether played today, tomorrow, next year, or next decade. Oh and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter.

As a gift to y’all today, you can download Mike’s original *Gigolo Rhythm* and Scott Matelic’s Remix below. Feel free to blog these boys or hit us with comments!

Mike 2600 *Gigolo Rhythm* (320 Mediafire, Zshare)

Mike 2600 *Gigolo Rhythm (Scott Matelic Remix)* (320 Mediafire, Zshare)

The full EP is available for purchase now on iTunes, Amazon, Junodownload, and Turntablelab. Thanks so much for all the support! As always, there’s a lot more to come!

And check after the jump for youtube clips of all the tracks on the EP!

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Britney Spears “If U Seek Amy (U-Tern Remix)”

Such a great, rich Disco remix of a Britney Spears song I’ve never heard before by one of my favorite producers U-Tern who has probably the best logo I’ve ever seen. Production value on this track is really high all around: drums are crisp and strong; piano sits well in the mix and is a great, simple chord progression; bassline grooves; and of course the strings. I know calling strings “lush” is the most cliché thing you can possibly say about them, but really, it’s the perfect word here. Great music.

UK folks can cop it on iTunes. Don’t know where else it’s available, but never forget about good ol’ google!



The 1st & 15th (Pretty Much) Mix Series is a series of mixes presented by Emynd & Bo Bliz on (or around) the 1st and 15th of every month.

Crossfaded Bacon Presents
1st & 15th (Pretty Much) Mix Series
Volume 15: DJ APT ONE 05.01.2009

DOWNLOAD (Sharebee 192 kps)
DOWNLOAD (Zshare 192 kps)

This month our homie Apt One from the Philadelphyinz put together an extremely thorough Philly Disco mix. It’s really dope and a must have for Disco connesiuers as well as know-nots that know nothing about Philly’s rich Disco History. Download it now and here’s what the man had to say about his fine mix:

The 1970s and early 1980s were some of the most prolific times in Philly’s music history That was the era when the “Philly Sound” took over the airwaves and dancefloors worldwide. I’ve always liked this particular era and style of music just because it’s such a source of pride for people in Philly. The positivity and warmth of the music means that playing certain jams at clubs and block parties really brings a smile to peoples faces.

A lot of this material has aged pretty well. I think that resurgence of dance sounds influenced by the downtown “Garage” scene in the 1980s has helped. Danny Krivit, Larry Levan, Shep Pettibone and other remixers from the early 80s disco scene loved the lush Philly arrangements and did some choice edits.

To make this mix I had to lay out some rules for exactly what makes a record “Philly” or not. Without being too specific – each of these records has one of the following qualifications:
1. Made by a Philly-born/bred artist
2. Made by an artist on a Philly record label
3. Written/Arranged/Composed someone strongly associated with the Philly sound
4. Played by a Philly label’s house band

Obviously I couldn’t include every great Philly tune but I wanted to get some less obvious joints in there with the well known classics to show a bit of the depth and creativity of that time and place. Enjoy!

Thoughts and comments always appreciated!

1. People’s Choice – Do It Any Way You Wanna (7”) – TSOP, 1975
2. Sister Sledge – Lost In Music (12” Remix) – Atlantic, 1984
3. Bell & James – Livin It Up (Friday Night) (FitForUse Edit) – A&M, 1979 / White
4. McFadden & Whitehead – Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now – Phila Int’l, 1978
5. McFadden & Whitehead – Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now (Phillies Version) – Phila Int’l, 1981
6. McFadden & Whitehead f/ The Liberty Bells – Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now (Eagles Version) – Phila Int’l, 1981
7. Montana Sextet – Heavy Vibes (Club Mix) – Virgin, 1982
8. MFSB – Love Is The Message (Mr K. Special Edit) – TD, 198?
9. First Choice – Let No Man Put Asunder (Shep Pettibone Mix) – Salsoul,1983
10. Loleatta Halloway – Love Sensation (Shep Pettibone Mix) – Salsoul, 1983
11. Evelyn King – I Can’t Take It – RCA Victor, 1981
12. Dexter Wansel – It’s Been Cool (12” Version) – Phila. Int’l, 1979
13. Direct Current – Everybody Here Must Party – TEC, 1979
14. Q- The Voice of Q – Philly World, 1982
15. Pieces of A Dream – Mt. Airy Groove (Instrumental) – Elektra, 1982
16. Frankie Smith – Double Dutch Bus – WMOT, 1980
17. Broad Street Band f/ Bruce Grey – Work Your Body – Tempre, 1984
18. Archie Bell – Any Time Is Right (DJ Apt One Edit) – Beckett, 1981 / White
19. William DeVaughn – Be Thankful For What You’ve Got (Disco Version) – WMOT, 1980