My Munich-based buddy Dan Gerous put together this interesting EP of Trap joints built off classic RnB staples. Some interesting ideas going on here. Hope y’all enjoy

Dan Gerous – Trap ‘n B EP (Bandcamp Download)


No Games (@Emynd La Vie En Rose Bounce Remix)

More late 90’s New Orleans stlyed ish. Hope y’all mess with it

Serani vs Emynd – No Games (Emynd La Vie En Rose Bounce Remix)



More New Orleans inspired music, this time re-interpreting “Blame It” with a beautiful Ramsey Lewis piano riff that works well with the Drag Rap bells and the Brown Beat. Enjoy y’all!

Blame It (Emynd NOLA REMIX) Download



Had to be done.

Emynd – All Gold Everything (NOLA Bounce Remix) (Free Download)



Holy crap. This is tonight. This is awesomeness. Click that picture above for the Facebook invite. But yeah, this is why Fridays are better than Saturdays and all other days that end in “y.” Me and Bo Bliz and I will crush you with awesome songs and you will dance the night away and enjoy every single second of your first Friday night of 2013. We will be handing out some free copies of Reef The Lost Cauze‘s new album “Reef the Lost Cauze is Dead” (assuming you still know and like CDs? If not you can download it for free here) and as always, there is an open bar from 9 to 11 and Chris Vance will be on the mic and Shots Fired will be taking photos and, inevitably, one of you will facebook message me saying “PLEASE REMOVE THIS PHOTO OF ME ASAP BEFORE MY BOYFRIEND SEES ME DANCING WITH THIS GUY! I COULDNT HELP MYSELF! BANDS MAKE ME DANCE! K THANKS BYE!” Love y’all. See you tonight



As many of you may know, we here at Crossfaded Bacon Headquarters are close friends with one of Philly’s finest rappers Reef the Lost Cauze. Dude has been in the game for years and we have contributed beats to several of his albums, making some truly memorable stuff. Reef recently released a free album on Christmas called “REEF THE LOST CAUZE IS DEAD” full of him rapping on flips of somewhat unexpected songs, many of which make for really fun and different material than he has made in the past. You can tell these beats really energized him and made him approach rapping a bit differently than he has done in most of his more popular stuff. We personally really like the album, but even if it’s not entirely your cup of tea, it’s worth a listen if just to appreciate an artist challenging himself to do something a bit different. You can stream the album above or download a free copy of this album on Reef the Lost Cauze’s Bandcamp page but he’ll also be giving some few free CD copies away tomorrow at our first Friday monthly THE BOUNCE (click here for flyer and facebook invite here). We hope y’all enjoy the album and hope to see you tomorrow night at The Bounce as well!






Check out Emynd‘s late-90’s-Cash-Money-Mannie-Fresh-Bounce-Rap inspired remix to Grande Marshall‘s hilarious V-Nasty.” If you’re not up on Grande, he recently signed to Fool’s Gold on the strength of his excellent debut mixtape “800.” Grande is young, driven, talented, and has a confident, unique vision of what he wants his music to sound like. We here at CFB eff with young bol HEAVY and we’re hype to have him performing alongside Emynd, Bo Bliz, and DJ Diamond Kuts this Friday at the 5th Anniversary of THE BOUNCE. Enjoy the song and come check Grande out this Friday! Hope y’all enjoy it.

Grande Marshall – V-Nasty (Emynd 504 Remix) (Sharebeast Download)
Grande Marshall – V-Nasty (Emynd 504 Remix Instrumental) (Sharebeast Download)



Banging new Trap remix by Emynd for the Angolan/Portuguese band Throes The Shine. Get it now and check out the following links for more info! Be sure to look out for forthcoming remixes of their work by Bonde De Role and check out Daniel Haaksman’s awesome remix here.




And if you don’t know, now you knowwwwwwww. Philly we got it popping tonight y’all. Open bar 9 to 11. Emynd, Bo Bliz, and DJ Knife on the wheels. Chris Vance on the mic. Tim Shotsfired Blackwell on the photos. $5 before 12. See y’all thurrr. Click above for details.



Hard to believe I made this jawn over 4 years ago. As Sir Nenis from Top Billin said when I re-posted this on soundcloud “This is probably the best thing you’ve ever produced!” As depressing as that may be (WTF I DONT WANT THE BEST THING I EVER PRODUCED TO BE 4 YEARS OLD!), it’s also probably true because this song rules. Anyway, I re-upped it yesterday because the piano sample is from the Halloween soundtrack but I’ve got to admit, the song isn’t very Halloweeny. The chords, triumphant Jeezy “Ayyyys” and R Kelly vocal snips give it a much different feel than the classic Halloween theme song, but I’m still real proud of this record and hope y’all enjoy it.

If you’re in Philly this Friday, don’t forget to stop by THE BOUNCE for our yearly Halloween jam. As always, we got that open bar 9 to 11 and it’s gonna be crackalackin’!



Sorry for the brief delay, but here’s some more blends for y’all to stuff into your DJ crates for this weekend’s gigs! 10 more bangin’ blends from my Blent Up Mixtape Series, showcasing some of my favorite blends, edits, and mashes that have been rocking the club for me lately. If you missed Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, the 2001 Volume 4 Edition, Volume 5, and the 1994 Volume 6 Edition, please stop sleeping. As always, stream the jammies below or download the ZIP of all the joints because they’re all big. Hit up the comments section if you’re feeling ’em and don’t forget to check for Emynd’s original production on Soundcloud.

Emynd – Blent Up Volume 7: Club Ready Bootlegs, Blends, and Remixes (ZIPPED RAR DOWNLOAD)

01. Miguel vs Mark Morrison – Adorn vs Return Of The Mack (Emynd Blend)

02. Future vs Ying Yang Twins ft Pitbull – Turn On The Lights vs Shake (Emynd Blend)

03. Lil Wayne vs DJ Unk – My Homies Still vs Walk It Out (Emynd Blend)

04. Jay-Z vs Quad City DJs – Big Pimpin vs Cmon Ride The Train (Emynd Blend)

05. Jay-Z vs Bone Thugs N Harmony – Big Pimpin vs Thuggish Ruggish Bone (Emynd Blend)

06. Future vs Waka Flocka ft Roscoe Dash & Wale – Birds Take a Bath vs No Hands (Emynd Blend)

07. Future vs Jeremih & 50 Cent – Diamonds vs Down On Me (Emynd Blend)

08. Sade vs Ron Brownz ft Jim Jones & Juelz – Love Is Found vs Pop Champagne (Emynd Blend)

09. Future vs Purple Ribbon Allstars – Same Damn Time vs Kryptonite (Emynd Blend)

10. Usher vs Future – Lemme See vs Tony Montana (Emynd Blend)


New Emynd remix of Dre Skull and Popcaan’s great “Get Gyal Easy.” Check out the original release on Mixpak here and the remixes here. My remix is on some melodic trappy dancehall steez. Hope y’all enjoy! Don’t forget to LIKE Emynd on facebook!



Two huge records from Black Chiney’s Supa Dups that have slipped under the radar. Don’t sleep.



Back again y’all! More blends from my Blent Up Mixtape Series, showcasing some of my favorite blends, edits, and mashes that I’ve been rocking in the club lately. This time around, I’m focusing on blends involving songs from 1994 that I made for my recent It’s The Year 1994 party with Bo Bliz and 215Hiphop. If you missed Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, or Volume 5, you’re way behind y’all. As always, stream the jammies below or download the ZIP of all the joints. Hit up the comments section if you’re feeling ’em and don’t forget to check for Emynd’s original production on Soundcloud.

Emynd – Blent Up Volume 6: ’94 Club Ready Bootlegs, Blends, and Remixes (ZIPPED RAR DOWNLOAD)

01. Black Moon vs Blackgirl – Buck Em Down vs 90s Girl (Emynd Blend)

02. Gang Starr vs Brownstone – Code Of The Streets vs Can’t Tell You Why (Emynd Blend)

03. Gang Starr vs Shanice – Dwyck vs Somewhere (Emynd Blend)

04. A Tribe Called Quest vs Damion Hall – Electric Relaxation vs Do Me Like (Emynd Blend)

05. A Tribe Called Quest vs Shanice – Electric Relaxation vs Somewhere (Emynd Blend)

06. Beatnuts vs Jade – Fried Chicken vs Every Day Of The Week (Emynd Blend)

07. Ini Kamoze vs Heavy D – Hot Stepper vs Nuttin But Love (Emynd Blend)

08. Notorious BIG – Juicy (Emynd Blend Medley)

09. Heavy D vs Gang Starr – Nuttin But Love vs Dwyck (Emynd Blend)

10. Group Home vs Brownstone – Supa Star vs Pass The Lovin (Emynd Blend)