Stranger Day x Playboy Tre x Emynd

Stranger Day ft Playboy Tre “What It Is” (Emynd Remix) SOUNDCLOUD or 320 MEDIAFIRE

Here’s another remix I did that will appear on Stranger Day’s “Young, Dumb, and Dope” mixtape coming 7.12 mixed by the big homie DJ Benzi. One of the best things about traveling a lot and DJing is the odd coincidences where you find out one of your homies from a far off city is in town. This is exactly what happened when I played in Charlotte two weeks ago. Twitter told me that Playboy Tre and BOB were in Greensboro, NC doing a show the same night I was playing in Charlotte, so on a whim, I hit Tre up seeing if there was anyway he could make it to Charlotte for a few drinks. Turns out he was staying in Charlotte that night in order to hit the Charlotte airport early the next day. Needless to say, Tre came through to my gig in Charlote and me, Stranger Day, and Playboy Tre proceeded to take shots of everything from vodka to rum to Jameson (and somehow, somebody convinced us to take a damn Jager Bomb as well… No idea how that happened). Anyway, back to the music… I’m super happy with how this track turned out. It’s another Atlanta Bass inspired track. Hope y’all enjoy it!


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