Cee-Lo x Emynd – Fuck You Baltimore Club Edit

Cee-Lo x Emynd “Fuck You” (Baltimore Club Edit) Soundcloud or UserShare or 4Shared

New Baltimore Edit of Cee-Lo’s retro anthem that’s blowing up this lovely internet. I kept it tasteful by keeping the sequence nearly identical to the original, added the Baltimore dick kick beat, some Think break, chops, and claps. I mostly just wanted to give this song a more contemporary feel without losing its essence. As always, not meant to be a replacement for the original, just a quick touch-up to give it some slightly different flavor. Hope y’all enjoy it! Don’t forget to hit up the Emynd soundcloud page for more free music and follow my ass on twitter!

Cee-Lo x Emynd “Fuck You (Baltimore Club Edit)” (UserShare, or 4Shared)



  1. joe says:

    u should use some different warp/timestretch algorithm on these edits. you can hear that the long notes (for example the “fuck youuuuuu-uu” vocal) go really wobbly/timestrechey in a bad way. it’s a good edit tho!

  2. Q says:

    the download is not working?

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  4. DJ MicahPhoneChecka says:

    Can you guys resend the Cee-Lo remix I tried to download BUT the download button is shut down you can email it to me personally I appreciate it, also wanted to know if you have an edited version of this

    Keep up the good work

    -DJ MicahPhoneChecka

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