J Rizzle Presents Essence Of Jay Electronica

J. Rizzle Presents Essence Of Jay Electronica by J. Rizzle

I’m not ready to proclaim Jay Electronica the next coming of early 90s Nasir Jones, but I do find some his work (at the very LEAST) worth paying attention to. I’m kind’ve waiting until he hits me with an official project before I pass judgment on his ultimate worth but, that being said, this is a fun mix of original samples and some of his bigger songs from the dude J. Rizzle. Check it out!

Radio Interview Snippet
Dear Moleskine – Jay Electronica
Free Angela – Bayete
Etrenal Sunshine – Jay Electronica
Phone Call – Jon Brion
FYI – Jay Electronica
Row – Jon Brion
Voodoo Man – Jay Electronica
Postcard – Jon Brion
Somethin’ To Hold On To – Jay Electronica
Give Me Somethin’ To Hold On to – Myrna Summers
Renaissance Man – Jay Electronica
Love Is – Common
Victory Is In My Clutches – Jay Electronica
Electrified Love – Earl Hines
Exhibit A (Transformations) – Jay Electronica
Dead Presidents – Jay Z
Exhibit C – Jay Electronica
Cross My Heart – Billy Stewart
Shiny Suit Theory – Jay Electronica, Jay Z, The Dream
Ain’t Got The Love (Of One Girl On My Mind) – The Ambassadors
Intro -Group Home
Jazzmatazz (Tribute to Guru)- Jay Electronica

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  1. J. Rizzle says:

    Thanks for posting this homie, I appreicate it…stay tuned for next month’s jawn !!!

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