Lunch Break Beats #1: Elephant Man vs Madonna (Emynd Blend)

Emynd’s Lunch Break Beats is a series of club-friendly blends, edits, or beats Emynd produced on his laptop (usually while sitting in his car on some random side street in Wilmington, D-ware just after eating his WaWa lunch) while on his lunch break at his 9 to 5.

The whole series can be found here.


Elephant Man “Egyptian Dance” / Madonna & Timbaland “4 Minutes” (Emynd Blend)

This is the first of many tracks I will be posting over the next several weeks and months of useful club joints that I produced while on my lunch break at work (9 to 5 DJs/Producers, please stand up!). The first of these tracks is this dancehall version of Madonna, JT, and Timbaland”s “4 Minutes.” I love the beat and wanted to make something HARD out of it that I could drop at the club that wouldn’t immediately soften up the vibe. The Elephant Man acapella is pretty old (it’s from the Egyptian riddem from 2003) but I think it sounds good on this ish despite being out of key. I also threw some Fatman scoop party break ish on top of the mixable intro to keep it hype.

Elephant Man “Egyptian Dance” / Madonna & Timbaland “4 Minutes” (Emynd Blend):


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