Lunch Break Beats #3: The Roots vs Busy Signal (Emynd Blend)

Emynd’s Lunch Break Beats is a series of club-friendly blends, edits, or beats Emynd produced on his laptop (usually while sitting in his car on some random side street in Wilmington, D-ware just after eating his WaWa lunch) while on his lunch break at his 9 to 5.

The whole series can be found here.


The Roots “75 Bars (Inst)” / Busy Signal “Not My Problem” (Emynd Blend)

I recently told my man noz that Philly rappers should only rap on drums. That should be the Philly regional sound: rap, drums, and maybe a couple honks or chimes here and there (and, to a certain extent, that kind’ve is the legacy and history of Philly rap as is). “75 Bars” is another drum heavy Philly jawn that knocks so effing hard in its simplicity. As soon as I heard the song a couple weeks back, I knew I wanted to spicen it up a bit and put a Jamaican DJ on top. Busy Signal fits the ball quite well. I kept it short and sweet and threw some always effective Fatman Scoop chants on the intro.

Knock it!

The Roots “75 Bars (Inst)” / Busy Signal “Not My Problem” (Emynd Blend):


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