Lunch Break Beats #5: UMD/Sharon S “Wonderful” (Emynd’s “Drop” Party Break)

Emynd’s Lunch Break Beats is a series of club-friendly blends, edits, or beats Emynd produced on his laptop (usually while sitting in his car on some random side street in Wilmington, D-ware just after eating his WaWa lunch) while on his lunch break at his 9 to 5.

The whole series can be found here.


UMD/Sharon S “Wonderful” (Emynd’s “Drop” Party Break)

I really know very little about House music and kind’ve just assumed this Sharon S song “Wonderful” (1993/4) was a really well-known, classic House track. Apparently it’s not though because I asked a couple in-the-know folks if they had a high quality mp3 of it so I could upgrade, and these know-it-alls knew nothing. A couple folks had heard it though, so it’s not completely obscure or anything. Anyway, this is one of my favorite House songs ever and I wanted to throw some stuff on top of the more spacious parts to make this more relevant for a crowd that isn’t made up primarily of House music nerds. So, I threw Fatman Scoop on top yelling a lot and Timbaland’s brief verse from “Drop” intros the song for easy mixing.

UMD/Sharon S “Wonderful” (Emynd’s “Drop” Party Break):


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