Emynd “Sexual Healing (Second Line Bounce Remix)”

Most of y’all that know me know that I’ve been really into New Orleans music recently, specifically Bounce and Second Line jazz band stuff (there’s a good Wikipedia entry on Second Lines). If you get in my car, there’s a good chance I’m listening to one of Peacachoo‘s “Bounce Down” compilations, a Hot 8 Brass Band CD, or some random classic Bounce tracks. While the more “original” Bounce tracks are the ones I really love, a really important part of Bounce music is remixing non-Bounce songs into Bounce versions. This is particularly popular with R&B cuts. The “Bounce Down” compilations are full of R&B Bounce remixes, and a slew of other folks like DJ Money Fresh and DJ Lil’ Man have put out several CDs of R&B Bounce remixes. I’ve been bumping the Hot 8 Brass Bands’ version of “Sexual Healing” in the whip quite a bit and I thought it might be cool to make a Bounce remix out of it, especially since I’m such a huge fan of Bounce songs that have NOLA Brass Band samples (i.e. Ricky B’s “Y’all Holler” etc). I found the Marvin Gaye acapella and threw it on top of the horns, added the Brown Beat and that Triggerman and concocted the below. I’m not really planning on putting this out on vinyl or anything, so I thought I’d circulate it on the net.

Let me know your thoughts!

Emynd “Sexual Healing (Second Line Bounce Remix)”:



  1. bunty says:


  2. Ceywut says:

    this has to be the illest sexual healing remix i’ve ever heard. good stuff man!

  3. CEDiSM says:

    Rilly like this. Rilly like hot8 as well-

  4. Sabrina says:

    I’d really love to listen to this Sexual Healing rmx, but zshare doesn’t work properly…

  5. n9nthward says:

    Zshare is sucking major balls right now. Can you up this track somewhere else or just email it to me!

  6. j says:

    emynd- is it possible to re-up this?

  7. Danizm says:

    easy now! illest mashups! but zshare aint working for alot of them.. lucky to get a few but could u upload them else where please and fast.. peace y’all.

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  9. Danizm says:

    hey boys , thanks for re posting those tracks im all excited now.. peace.

  10. ness says:

    just wanted to prop you for the remix you made “reach out”, I used it in a mix…

    good looking, for that, and many others


  11. vanceD says:

    Dude this remix is off the chain, very good work, and thankz for sharing it, Hot!!!!!

  12. […] There is also a whole new skool comin up of what I consider to be a new wave. Same basis, but it’s on a whole new level and I def enjoy some of the tunes I’ve picked up. Another one of my faves to drop is one that EMYND did (he put me up on the New Skool through various posts on the old Hollerboard). You should really peep the dude out at crossfadedbacon.com. He took the Hot 8 Brass Band version of Sexual Healing (which is incredible in it’s own right) and did a bounce remix. It’s up for download on his site, so just go direct to the source and enjoy the DOPE TUNE!!! […]

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