Emynd “Mad Again (NOLA Bounce Remix)” (Free Download!)

South Rakkas Crew “Mad Again (Emynd’s NOLA Bounce Remix)”:

My Bounce “Mad Again” remix has been available for digital purchase for a while now and I figured if you haven’t bought it by now, you’re probably not going to buy it at all… so here it is for free.

Folks from New Orleans to Finland have showed me a lot of love for this track. If you’re not familiar with Bounce music, definitely download my podcast and peep the write up to get schooled on my favorite music out right now.

Big shouts to my man Peacachoo and his dude Blaza for being the main inspiration for this track.

(Just as a sidenote regarding my “Mad Again (NOLA Bounce Remix)” that I feel necessary to make clear anytime anyone posts about it on the internet, I made a very significant effort to keep it as tradtionally NOLA BOUNCE as possible. Even though I’m not from New Orleans and have had very little interaction with Bounce culture, I felt that making this remix would be a good way for me to hopefully make some people interested in the New Orleans Bounce music that I’ve grown to love over the past couple years. In order to do this with some level of self-respect in tact and to attempt to avoid the cultural imperiliaism I often find myself rallying against, I made a very clear and deliberate effort to make this remix a blatant IMITATION of my favorite Bounce artists and produceers. Not only did I sample the New Orleans Bounce staples (the Triggerman bells, Triggerman breaks, the “WHO!” and the “Alright!” from The Showboys “Drag Rap” as well as the “Rock the Beat”/”Brown Beat” drum break), but I also very deliberatley sampled vocals from Gotty Boi Chris, Dime Gyrl Drell, and De Ja Vu, and imitated the production styles of my favorite Bounce producers: Blaza, Peacachoo, Blaqnmild (aka Blaq Biggi Blaq), and Took. If you’re at all into my Bounce remix, I highly suggest you visit the linked myspace pages above and purchase some of that AUTHENTIC New Orleans Bounce music. Big shouts to Mr.604 as well.)



  1. mac says:


  2. lil el says:

    nice photo 😉 this song kills!

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  4. Roy Bell says:

    Man I been looking for those samples for a while. The Who! and The Alright! samples. I from Louisiana and I most of my family lives in New Orleans and I grew up around bounce because of my cousin. Can’ nobody do It like it TT Tucker The Originator Of Bounce Music. I was wondering if you can email me those two samples if it’s not any trouble, the Who and the Alright samples. PLease Help Me Out, I Need those samples for a Song I am Producing.

  5. tam says:

    Wzup i love bouce music holla atcha girl

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