T-Pain ft Lil Wayne “I Can’t Believe It” (“Bookshelf” Blend)

Emynd’s Lunch Break Beats is a series of club-friendly blends, edits, or beats Emynd produced on his laptop (usually while sitting in his car on some random side street in Wilmington, D-ware just after eating his WaWa lunch) while on his lunch break at his 9 to 5.

The whole series can be found here.


T-Pain featuring Lil Wayne “I Can’t Believe It” (Emynd’s “Bookshelf” Blend)

Brendan Bringem bitched at me the other night trying to tell me I’m just a contrarian because I love “I Can’t Believe It.” He’s WRONG! The song is really charming and fun. T-Pain rhyming words together that hardly rhyme is just so damn likable (“Wisconsin” does NOT rhyme with “mansion” but it’s awesome). Wayne’s verse is atrocious and I’m not even really sure why I left it in this blend, but if you’re riddeming this up with the other joints from the Bookshelf riddim, you really shouldn’t have much trouble mixing out before Wayne gets his horrible on. By the way, I guess I should say a few words about this blend, right? Well, it works! There’s a few sour notes here and there, but nothing anyone in the club will notice and for the most part, it’s in key and gives this song a more energetic feel. Quite frankly, the Bookshelf riddim is my favorite damn riddim ever so I love throwing stuff on top of it. Hope you find it useful and comments are welcome as always!

T-Pain featuring Lil Wayne “I Can’t Believe It” (Emynd’s “Bookshelf” Blend):
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  1. Holy Crap this track is hard as nails!

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