Emynd & Young Chris “We Don’t Give A …” Digital 12″

(Originally Posted November 9, 2008. Re-Upped April 20, 2010)


I’m re-posting this because many of you may have missed it when I posted it back in November of 2008, but it still sounds fresh as hell and I’m pretty sure the sharebee link below still works. This shit hard as fuck!

Today, Crossfaded Bacon is mighty proud to present the digital release of Emynd‘s newest Bmore Club track *We Don’t Give A …” with Rocafella and Def Jam recording artist Young Chris. A member of the Philly super group State Property and the hit-making duo The Young Gunz, Young Chris is one of Philly’s most versatile rappers, fully capable of making certified street shit as well as forward-thinking club jams. Emynd set out to make a contemporary sounding track that linked Philly’s tradition of percussion heavy club anthems (think Tuff Crew “My Part of Town”, Cool C “Glamorous Life”, Freeway “Flipside, and the Young Gunz “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”) with Philly’s city-wide obsession with Bmore Club (often colloquially refered to in Philly as “Club” or “Party Music”). Chris wound up being the perfect rapper to effortlessly make that link a reality. Already getting support from a variety of DJs all across the globe, we fully expect this track to do big things both within Philly and elsewhere, and we encourage you all to distribute this track as freely as you like: post it on your blog, add it to your Myspace player, send it to your girl friend, remix it, or whatever.

And, as always, please feel free to hit us with your comments on it.

320 MP3s and even higher quality AIFFs are available below. Shouts out to Young Noz from cbrap.com for the Cool C “I Gotta Habit” cover art and even bigger shouts to US Dubstep king Starkey for helping mix this record and mastering it.

Emynd featuring Young Chris
*WE DON’T GIVE A …* Digital 12″

Produced by Emynd
Vocals by Young Chris
Recorded at Studio 609
Mixed and Mastered by Starkey @ The Royal Bank of Starkville

1. Emynd featuring Young Chris “We Don’t Give A … (Dirty)” (320 kps) – (AIFF File)
2. Emynd featuring Young Chris “We Don’t Give A … (Clean)” (320 kps) – (AIFF File)
3. Emynd featuring Young Chris “We Don’t Give A … (Instrumental)” (320 kps) – (AIFF File)



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  3. DL says:

    uber banging. i love you, Emynd.

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