Zoe Strauss “America”

Friend and colleague Cosmo Baker’s big sister Zoe has put together what looks to be a really amazing book of photographs. Definitely go cop it as soon as you can especially if you’re having trouble thinking of non-cliche, reasonably priced Christmas gifts.

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50 years after Robert Frank’s seminal book The Americans was released, Zoe Strauss’s own America breaks new ground. The Philadelphia native who has brought us searing images of that city’s marginalized people and places on the fringe of society, has taken her no holds barred, up close
and personal style of photography on the road across the underbelly of America.

At times witty, touching, poetic, and downright shocking, Zoe Strauss’s photographs of the beauty and struggle of everyday life resonate as a social document of our time, and as sheer and powerful art. In this election year, Zoe Strauss’s images underscore an America that more often than not, goes unseen.

Zoe Strauss had never picked up a camera before her 30th birthday, but in these recent years has generated a huge body of work that has been recognized and exhibited in the Whitney Biennial, as well as New York’s Bruce Silverstein Gallery, and garnered her a United States Artists grant and a Gund Fellowship. Additionally, Ms. Strauss creates a yearly public exhibit called Under I-95, beneath Philadelphia’s interstate, that has garnered a devoted following. This is the first monograph of this incredibly talented and prolific photographer.


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