Emynd “Reach Out”

This has been a truly huge record for me over the past year or so. It’s the one record I play of mine at nearly every single gig I’ve done over the past year. Regardless if it’s a hipster, House, or a hip-hop crowd, I’ve played it everywhere from Austin to Helsinki, and every single time I play it, it gets one of the largest reactions of the night. It’s fairly simple in its execution, but not quite as simple as some of the other Bmore Soul tracks that we all know and love. The drums knock, the synth lines add a nice touch that doesn’t let this song feel out of place next to other electronic stuff, and the sequencing really make this a dancefloor burner. When the dick beat kicks finally drop, expect hands in the air.

This should be seeing its way onto vinyl in the near future, but as of right now, here’s the mixed and mastered mp3 for your playing pleasure. Please feel free to pass it around and blog it as well.

Shouts to Starkey for the fine mixing and mastering job.

Emynd “Reach Out” (320 Kps)



  1. Neoteric says:


    thanks for this!!!!

    this track is hotter than fish grease ya diggy?

  3. yr momz says:

    can’t believe i slept on this joint for like 15 days and shit.

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