The 1st & 15th (Pretty Much) Mix Series is a series of mixes presented by Emynd & Bo Bliz on (or around) the 1st and 15th of every month.
Crossfaded Bacon Presents:
1st & 15th (Pretty Much) Mix Series
“Best of Reef”

For this month I wanted to put the spotlight on some CFB fam, Reef The Lost Cauze. When I set out to do this mix, I was reviewing a whole gigabytes worth of mp3’s of this motherfucker. REEF HAS BEEN RAPPING A LOT. I mean a lot since like 3rd grade. But really it seems like his modern rap career started with “The High Life”. What was that, 01? Something like that.

Anyways, I was moving back to Philly from PSU and making lots of beats around that time and we collabbed on his next album “Invisible Empire” (as did Emil/Emynd). Since then he’s been dropping solo albums, crew albums, solo mixtapes, producer collab albums- all types of shit. To do this mix I ended up cutting out any rapper collabs, I just wanted to focus on Reef. Reef is a MOTHERFUCKING VERSATILE ARTIST!!! I put his battle raps, his more personal tracks, his what’s going on type tracks… all that shit, and yeah, it wasn’t easy to cut joints out to make it roughly 70 minutes. I hope y’all feel the tracklisting, and more importantly I hope Reef doesn’t think I left anything off, or cut verses off he wanted on there. Doing these is definitely different and tougher when it’s your bol’s shit.

Enough talking… I’m rambling. Make it clear though… This guy is a fucking monster. If you hate on this dude because who he rolls with or who he is associated with, fuck what you heard. This dude is nasty on all types of tracks.

With or without this music shit, it’s an honor to call him my people.

GO COP “A VICIOUS CYCLE” Digitally or the CD.


Sorry Reef no gun shots.


Tracklisting after the jump

1. Shareef
2. Sound The Horns Pt. 1
3. Sound of Philadelphia
4. Get Me Outta Here
5. Where It’s Not
6. The Puzzle
7. Afghan Green
8. So Sharp
9. Back At It
10. I Can’t Begin
11. Oxygen(Breathe)
12. Blood Pressure
13. In The End
14. Look At The Sun
15. Listen To Me
16. How You Lose Your Mind
17. Calm Your Mind
18. Problem
19. Sunday
20. Commander In Chief
21. This Is My Life
22. I Wonder
23. Fight Music Intro
24. Politics
25. Big Deal
26. Home
27. Eyes Of My Father



  1. a-FILI-ated says:

    may i post this on my blog? Reef is one of my top 2 MC’s along with the great Brother Ali. Check out the site and lemme know whus good.

    peace & blessings


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