The fine folks at Unruly got a certified top 40 hit on their hands.

If you haven’t heard DJ Class’s incredible “I’m the Sh*t” yet, let me first of all put you on to this amazing song with some SERIAL top 40 potential and also scold Philly radio for being so effing far behind the curve on this one. For those that don’t know Class is one of the OG Bmore Club heads responsible for some of your favorite Bmore Club joints that you know all the words to but have no idea who it is. “EAST SIDE WHERE THE F*CK YOU AT! LET ME SEE YOUR HANDS UP!” Yeah, that’s DJ Class. And “Stop Snitchin’?” Yeah, that’s DJ Class, too. Everyone in Philly knows these songs, and yet somehow, Class’s new joint is not getting any radio love while it’s getting played in Bmore, Atlanta, New York, and even LA. THIS SONG IS GETTING PLAYED 3,000 MILES FROM HERE, BUT NOT IN PHILLY?! The old guard that govern “urban” radio in Philly refuses to break songs like this, instead choosing to force-feed the new 50 Cent down our throat instead of supporting some homegrown regional music that speaks directly to the youth of this region. Sure, dudes will go ahead and play this song in a couple weeks after it’s blown up all across the country, but there is a local, regional audience that LOVES Club and Party Music here in Philly, but the DJs on the radio all but ignore it except for the 10-15 minutes a week where they do the exact same ol’ Club Music/Party Music set they’ve been doing since 2004. It’s absolutely pathetic. And these are the same dudes that wonder why we don’t have a strong regional identity? Yeah, maybe Club and Party Music isn’t the regional identity you WANT to exist around these parts, but the truth of the matter is, this type of music is popular among the urban youth of Philly and part of the reason that radio sucks so much in Philly is because the folks that run the radio refuses to treat this place like it has any regional identity. The same damn 20 songs have been in rotation for the past 7 months. So pathetic.

But back to this track… Luckily, Jermaine Dupri and Trey Songz are more forward-thinking than the bitter old heads on the Clear Channel radio stations here and layed verses down on Class’s track while wyling out to in the studio (Download it here. It’s BANGING!) Rumor has it, Puffy reached out to get down on a remix as well. So yeah Philly, excellent work being way behind the curve on this track that’s really about to do some major things.

Have fun playing catch up, old heads.

DJ Class “I’m The Ish” (Radio Mix)
DJ Class “I’m the Sh*t” (Dirty Mix)


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